Henry Winkler is a household name, largely due to his iconic portrayal of Arthur Fonzarelli in the hit TV series “Happy Days.” However, there’s more to Henry than just his famous character. He should also be celebrated for his enduring marriage to Stacey, a love story that has spanned over four decades.

A Chance Encounter

It’s hard to believe that Henry and Stacey almost missed out on their first date. They met in a clothing store where Stacey worked as a public relations specialist. Henry sought her assistance in finding a sport coat, and from that moment on, their lives changed forever.

Henry fondly recalls their first meeting, “She was wearing purple parachute pants, and she had red hair. Without her saying a word, I thought, ‘Woah, beautiful woman standing in front of me.’ I came back to the store the next week, and she was there. And within 10 minutes, I learned how strong she is.”

Overcoming Challenges

After their initial encounter, Stacey and her four-year-old son moved in with Henry. The couple eventually got married, but their union came with its fair share of obstacles. Henry’s rising fame brought an overwhelming amount of female attention, which Stacey had to navigate with grace and understanding.

Despite the challenges, such as women literally walking over her feet to approach Henry, Stacey remained steadfast and supportive. She jokes, “One time I said, ‘You’ve just completely ruined my stockings.’ And this woman said, ‘But I love Fonzie!’”

Nurturing a Family and Careers

Henry and Stacey continued to build their life together, welcoming two daughters, Zoey and Max, into the world. Working alongside their parental duties, both pursued their careers in the entertainment industry. Max followed in his father’s footsteps and established himself as a successful writer, director, and producer.

Battling Breast Cancer Together

However, their story took a somber turn when Stacey was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 1990s. The couple faced this new challenge head-on, supporting each other every step of the way. Stacey experienced remission but sadly faced a recurrence in 2007. Through it all, she remained strong, undergoing a double mastectomy, and has been cancer-free ever since.

Moved by his wife’s journey, Henry became deeply involved in breast cancer awareness initiatives. He has actively participated in fundraising events, such as the “In The Pink of Health” Luncheon, where he has spoken as the guest speaker.

A True Love Story

Henry and Stacey’s long and happy marriage can be attributed to their unwavering support and respect for each other. While they acknowledge that marriage takes work, they emphasize that love is the foundation for building a lasting relationship.

Their love for each other is still evident today. Henry was surprised on the James Corden show when he was presented with a photo from their wedding day. He couldn’t help but remark that Stacey is just as stunning now as she was on that special day.

Stacey also expresses her love for her husband through social media posts and images. Despite the ups and downs that come with 44 years of marriage, the couple remains candid about their willingness to face life’s challenges together. They believe that overcoming obstacles strengthens their friendship and deepens their love.

Cherishing Family and Grandchildren

Today, Henry and Stacey enjoy the joys of being grandparents. Due to his family’s history during the Holocaust, Henry wasn’t able to form close relationships with his own grandparents. As a result, he treasures the bond he shares with his grandchildren.

In fact, Henry shared a heartwarming story of his young grandson recognizing him from “Happy Days.” He said, “My wife and I babysat our four-year-old grandson, who is allowed to watch one show before he goes to bed. He has Happy Days on his DVR. He turned to me, he said, ‘That’s you. Your hair was different. You were skinnier then.’” To his grandkids, Henry is simply their adoring “Papa,” and he couldn’t be happier.

An Inspiring Love Story

Henry Winkler and his wife, Stacey, serve as an inspiration to us all. Their realistic approach, courage, and unwavering love for each other have been the pillars of their enduring relationship. They have weathered life’s storms together, proving that love knows no bounds, and that true love truly stands the test of time.