Couple has 3 sets of twins in less than 5 years, but that’s not the craziest part of this story

When Carrie and Craig Kosinski were asked by a family friend to care for her young twins, they didn’t hesitate to say “yes”. Little did they know that this would be the beginning of an incredible journey that would bring them three sets of twins in just five years.

Having children had always been a dream for Carrie and Craig, but they never could have imagined what their path to parenthood would look like. It all started on February 28, 2014, when they welcomed Adalynn and Kenna into their lives. The twins were born via emergency C-section and the Kosinskis became their legal guardians when they were just three months old.

After a couple of years of raising their adoptive twins, Carrie and Craig received a heartbreaking call. The girls’ biological mother, who was facing major challenges in her life, asked if the couple would be willing to adopt her two-year-old twins, Cece and J.J. Without hesitation, Carrie and Craig made the decision to keep the siblings together and open their hearts and home to the younger twins.

While going through the adoption process with their first set of twins, the couple had struggled with multiple failed attempts at getting pregnant. They sought medical help and received the devastating news that Carrie couldn’t conceive naturally due to severe endometriosis. Adoption had become their Plan A.

But then, just a few weeks after welcoming Cece and J.J. into their family, Carrie discovered something unexpected. She was pregnant! In fact, it wasn’t just one baby – it was two! This would be their third set of twins in five years.

“We were in shock, but super happy,” Carrie said. The couple saw it as a gift from a higher power and committed themselves to creating a safe and loving environment for all six of their children.

As fate would have it, their doctors were left astounded once again. On February 28, exactly the same date as their other two pairs of twins, Carrie gave birth to their biological twins, Karraline and Clarissa. It was an incredible coincidence that affirmed to Carrie and Craig that this was meant to be.

Raising three sets of twins under one roof may come with its challenges, but the Kosinskis have found support from their community. Generous strangers from all over the country have contributed to their fundraising efforts, helping the family with the growing expenses of raising six children.

Carrie admits that staying organized is key to managing their busy household. Each child has their own unique personality, and Carrie and Craig are grateful for the joy and blessing that each of their children brings into their lives.

This extraordinary journey has taught the Kosinskis that they were destined to adopt their children and create their own unique family. The love they have for their children knows no bounds, and they wouldn’t change a thing about their lives.

Today, the Kosinski family is flourishing. Watching their beautiful children grow up is a true blessing for Carrie and Craig. They are grateful for the opportunity to care for these children as their own, and they have also been blessed with biological children of their own.

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