Fights between siblings are extremely normal, but when you’re famous, your familial issues can, regrettably, become very public. This can be a very embarrassing situation.

This is precisely what took place between Meghan Markle and her older half-brother, Tom Markle Jr. The father of both sets of children is Thomas Markle, who has experienced his fair share of difficulties in his relationship with his daughter.

Tom made the decision to voice his complaints to The Sun back in February of the year 2020. When questioned by the media source at the time, he stated that he was “sick” of hearing about his sister and Prince Harry’s philanthropic activities at a time when he too had fallen on bad times.

The individual, who was 53 years old at the time, accused the Sussexes of supporting causes that were “in” each week but failing to support their own family in an interview with the journal.

Tom disclosed that he had been laid off from his jobs and was compelled to go to New Mexico to live with his mother. He then criticized Meghan and Harry for their support of charitable organizations despite their failure to assist their own financially stricken family.

According to what he said to the publication, “being associated with Meghan has nearly devastated me.” He continued by saying, “I am homeless, and I could have been under a bridge with a cardboard sign begging for money. ” To my great relief, though, my mother has taken me in.”

He asserted that having the Markle surname caused his life to “fall apart” and that he had struggled with depression as a result of it. “Psychologically speaking, this situation has been a living hell ever since Meghan began dating Harry,” she remarked “he said.

Tom, who works as a glazier, stated that the circumstances had even prompted him to consider changing his surname to something different in order to break the “curse” that had been placed on his family.

He stated that he is “sick” of hearing about Meghan and Harry’s humanitarian activities and added that either they or the Palace ought to have done something to assist Meghan’s family in their financial struggles. He claimed he is “sick” of hearing about Meghan and Harry’s charitable endeavors.