The heartbreaking news that Lorena, Lauren Goodger’s young daughter, has passed has been released.

Essex, the former star of The Only Way, who is now 35 years old, shared the heartbreaking news that her second baby had died shortly after birth on July 8.

Lauren, who last week tragically lost her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean in a motorcycle accident, said in a statement that she was “broken,” but that her labor and pregnancy went smoothly.

With the comment, “She was the most beautiful healthy baby I’ve ever seen just like her sister @babylarose.x,” she posted a black and white snapshot of herself clutching Lorena’s hand. The pain of losing your kid cannot be effectively expressed in words by a mother. “My angel was taken from me after I gave birth to her,” the mother said. “I carried my kid for all these months in a wonderful way.”

“She was excellent and healthy,” she said, “but I’m not going to delve into detail right now just know that there was nothing wrong with either her or myself she was great I can’t explain it she is so absolutely gorgeous.”

“I am shattered.”

“Following my hospital stay, I’ve come home. Charlie and I made an effort to spend as much time as we could with our daughter Lorena, and we haven’t yet said our final goodbyes.”

“Larose, she is my rock that is helping me through this, or else I wouldn’t survive,” the next line of the message read. “I will never, ever, ever be able to get over this, but I will figure out how to live each day with Lorena in my heart, and she will be with me always, and I will be with her again one day.”

Her final words were really sweet: “My Lorena, I love you very much.”

Given that she found out she was pregnant again only eight weeks after giving birth to her first daughter, Larose, Lauren has been quite transparent with her fans and following about the fact that she is expecting a second child.

Furthermore, it has been a difficult route.

After having their daughter Larose, Lauren and Charles Drury split up, but they remained friendly and reconciled earlier this year. They got back together because of Larose.

Lauren highlighted how much she was looking forward to becoming a “hands-on mom,” despite the fact that she said she was “nervous” about the brief period of time that had passed between the births of her two children.

She claimed that although Charles is “very pleased” to hear about the second pregnancy, she is “truly in two minds” about the whole thing. Charles was “very thrilled,” she claimed, to learn about the second pregnancy.

She continued, “I’m just getting myself back together; I’m starting over.” Just getting my act together again. Is this logical? ’ You genuinely feel guilty as a mother and wonder, “What about Larose?”

“She still needs me since she is a baby.”