Given that it marks a turning point in their relationship and brings in a new chapter, one of the major hopes shared by all couples who choose to marry is for that day to stand out as the most memorable in their life.

The reception hall, the groom’s outfit and the bride’s stunning dress, the delicious food, the weather, the guest list, and the photo shot, as soon as they firmly say “yes.” If they are put together correctly, all of these elements—along with many others—create a great environment and a fantastic atmosphere.

During their wedding photography session, this couple received an unexpected gift. Even if the groom’s outfit may have been ruined, the photos taken during the unexpected event will undoubtedly have a unique meaning.

Despite having a picture-perfect wedding, Britany and Clayton Cook were enjoying their big day when something unexpected happened during the photo shoot. Clayton noticed a little child trying to stay above the water after falling into it when they were still for a photograph at the park, standing on a short bridge above a lake. The groom sprinted over to him and dove into the water to rescue him.

Fortunately, he moved quickly enough to grab the child’s arm and save him from the chilly water. He checked on the kid to make sure he was okay, but the lad was only afraid since he couldn’t swim. Paying close attention to details, like Clayton did throughout the photo shoot, makes a significant impact.

“That’s my Clay. It’s exactly how he is and how he reacts, instinctively, without thinking twice. And that’s why I love him so much.”, Britany said.

It’s not that she didn’t already believe in Clayton, but after the incident at their wedding, his noble deeds convinced her once again that he is the ideal match for her and the one person she needs to stand by her side as she ages.

They’ll have a great marriage and she surely feels comfortable with him. The images are memorable and will always serve as a reminder to Britany that he is a man in the truest sense of the term, even if the suit has been damaged.