A mother was told to place her newborn daughter in an adoption agency or special needs facility.

However, a plain midwife encouraged her, which solidified her decision to keep the kid.

Now a model, her daughter is a genuine beauty. She glowed in her white prom dress!

A mother from Colorado Springs was saddened when she was advised by medical professionals to give away her Down syndrome baby.

The mother Renee was told by the doctors that Kennedy Garcia, her newborn daughter, would have a terrible quality of life, thus they were unable to advise her to keep the child.

It would be difficult for Kennedy’s mother to raise her because the doctors anticipated that she would still be wearing diapers as an adult. It would be healthier for her and her own child, they argued, if she were to be placed in a specialized institution.

Renee was urged to simply place her child for adoption by one of the doctors as well.

The mother was so upset by these concepts that she asked all the medical staff to leave her hospital room. She fought the urge to lose hope in her child and their shared destiny. She was given hope by one doctor, which strengthened her resolve.

Kennedy first met her actor and artist partner when she was just 12 years old. Mathew spotted her with her mother at an audition for an advertisement.

That was the person that gave the mother hope, and what did they do?

Renee acknowledged that she was saddened to learn that her baby had Down syndrome when she was born since the doctors had painted a bleak and unpleasant picture for her. She went on to claim that neither the doctors nor the nurses were certain of what the child’s future held. She didn’t recall this till one evening:

Only the following evening, when a loving midwife told me Kennedy was lovely and a lot like her daughter, who also had the condition, did I see a glimmer of hope.

This beautiful midwife was the first to give Renee a positive account of her daughter’s life.

The midwife laughed when Renee asked a question and told her that her kid was 16 and could walk. Renee needed some encouragement, but the midwife was the one who initially explained what Down syndrome entailed to her.

Kennedy’s mother, a mother of three other children, heard the midwife talking about Kennedy and thought the adolescent sounded precisely like other teenage girls she knew.

So Renee made the decision to raise her child. When she went to the hospital where Kennedy was delivered on her first birthday, a special care basket for expectant mothers of children with Down syndrome had been left in the delivery room.

The 40-year-old lady also received copies of uplifting literature that helped her understand her daughter’s genetic issue and the life she would have. The basket was filled with lovely onesies with messages celebrating their unique newborns.

Renee asked the midwives to offer her business card to new mothers of daughters like hers and left it at the hospital. The mother said that many mothers had gotten in touch with her over the years because of the special basket:

“I hope that those mothers were spared the needless trauma and suffering I went through by having a good conversation with me and hearing everything Kennedy has accomplished.”

If it weren’t for the midwife, Renee claimed she wouldn’t have had the bravery to keep her daughter. She continued by saying that the midwife had given her hope for the future and that her daughter now behaved like other girls her age in terms of having friends, enjoying singing and dancing, and experimenting with her hair and cosmetics.

She has grown into a charming, intelligent young woman who has the world at her feet. She has brought so much happiness and fun into our lives.

Kennedy dramatically outperformed the dire predictions of the medical community. The mother of the newborn whom the doctors advised her to give up for adoption or place in a specialized institution claims that she has attained and surpassed all expected milestones, calling it astonishing how uninformed the experts were.

What was the prom like for Kennedy, and how is her life going now?

Kennedy attended prom with her boyfriend Mathew, who has Down syndrome and has a long list of accomplishments.

Kennedy first met her actor and artist partner when she was just 12 years old. Renee recalled:

He immediately approached Kennedy, handed Kennedy his phone, and stated, “I think my phone is broken because it doesn’t have your number.”

Kennedy and Mathew hit it off right away, and in 2019 he asked her to be his girlfriend and invited her to his homecoming dance.

Emmy, the mother of Renee and Mathew, now flies the teenagers from California to Colorado at least once a month so they can visit.

Kennedy’s mother took her to New York for a job, and they went dress shopping when Mathew invited her to his homecoming dance. Renee’s daughter picked out an A-line teal dress, and her mother was speechless at how stunning she looked.

Mathew and Kennedy attended prom together in 2023 while looking dapper. Kennedy donned a snow-white embroidered umbrella dress that many mistakenly thought was a wedding gown because of how similar it looked. The dress has a deep V in the front and the back.

In a tuxedo made of black velvet, Kennedy’s partner looked stunning. When Kennedy posted their photos online, they got many supportive comments.

People remarked that Kennedy’s outfit resembled a wedding gown. One person said, “Omg, for a second, I thought you were getting married.” Another person said, “The clothing seems like it was taken straight out of a dream. You look AMAZING in that.”

Kennedy has developed into a stunning woman who is also successful. She is a top model, actress, and dancer represented by KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management.

The multi-talented dancer has posed for prestigious US brands like American Girl and Justice Clothing, and she most recently appeared in a television commercial for the US Census that was broadcast nationwide.

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