We frequently come across animal kingdom tales that truly astound us.

Stories of animals who exhibit extraordinary compassion or goodwill toward one another always touch me the most.

Here is an example of that from northern Botswana in Africa.

While on a game drive one day, wildlife photographers Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth saw something astounding. Thankfully, they were able to record the moment in stunning pictures that have since been going viral.

Everything started when a lioness attacked a troop of baboons, killing one female baboon instantly.

But it was quickly apparent that the female baboon wasn’t alone because her little one was still clinging to her.

The baby made a hasty attempt to flee by climbing a tree. However, he was too frail and little to ascend.

The lioness turned her focus to him at that moment.

Photographers who witnessed the amazing event instantly feared the worst: the lioness would undoubtedly quickly eat the small baboon.

Instead, a miracle took place. The lioness approached the little baboon with care and curiosity, and after a short while, they started joking about it.

He was eventually taken into the lioness’ mouth and carried away by the amazingly kind animal. A short while later, the two were holding hands.

The lioness’ maternal instincts had taken over, as the newborn baboon immediately recognized her as its new mother.

A male lion showed there a little while later. The incredible picture below shows the lioness fending him off when she instantly stood up.

The baboon’s father was nearby, perched in a tree, watching everything happening closely.

He swiftly hurried down the tree, grabbed his child, and climbed back up to safety, taking advantage of the lion’s distraction.

How amazing! This little baboon had angels watching over him that day, being saved first by a lioness and then by its valiant father!

This incident is truly astounding, from the lioness’s tender treatment of the baby baboon to the heroic father who descends to save him at the conclusion. If you were as moved by the love of this lioness and her father, please share!