Missy and Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty shared the tragic news with their Instagram fans at the beginning of the month.

Dr. David Genecov, the pediatrician for their daughter Mia Robertson, was killed in a car accident. Genecov, a famous pediatric surgeon, changed Mia’s life by fixing her cleft lip and palate.

On Instagram, Missy, 51, said, “Dr. David altered Mia’s life in ways no other surgeon could have done due to his imaginative medical inventions and rigorous skill level.”

“His pleasant demeanor helped her (and me) relax, but his continual assurance to both of us that we could complete challenging activities helped Mia, and I become stronger than we could have imagined.”

Missy praised Genecov for his ability to connect with his young patients, notably Mia. “Jesus was more than we could ask for or expect,” Missy wrote about her cleft journey.

“Although we will miss him profoundly, we tremendously appreciate the job he did for Mia and his cleft patients, as well as the legacy of medical achievements he has left for future generations.”

“A fantastic individual has improved the International Craniofacial Institute, Dr. David’s patients, and their families.”

Missy continues her essay by describing how difficult it was to tell Mia. “She can’t remember her life before Dr. David,” Missy wrote. She asked her followers to pray for Genecov’s family during this terrible time.

According to D Magazine, Genecov died in a car accident in North Dallas. The surgeon was driving a convertible Corvette with another male passenger when he lost control of the vehicle, according to Dallas police.

His vehicle crashed with another car moving in the opposite direction, colliding with another car. Genecov and his trip partner were flung off the convertible.

The other accident participants recovered from their injuries. However, the surgeon died due to his injuries.

Genecov was the program’s medical director for craniofacial surgery at Children’s Medical Center Plano. He was well-known in his field and was interested in other medical issues.

He was the CEO and President of Dialectic, a biotechnology company that created cancer-treatment technology.

He was also a team member who separated Egyptian twin boys at Medical City Dallas in 2003. Genecov is survived by three kids, a daughter, a granddaughter, and his wife.

Missy and Jase, 54, established the Mia Moo Foundation following Mia’s successful cleft palate surgery in 2014.

According to the foundation’s website, it is “dedicated to generating awareness and funds for cleft lip and palate treatments.” Jase and Mia’s other children are Cole Roberson, 24, and Reed Robertson, 27.