Robert Redford is a movie legend. The renowned actor has played every character there is and has been in some of the greatest movies ever made. Amy Redford, his daughter, is now succeeding in the industry.

Redford has worked extensively as a director in addition to acting on screen. He is also an activist, an environmentalist, and a philanthropist.

The renowned actor also experienced misfortune at the same time, losing both of his sons. The Redford family’s history is told here, along with how his daughter Amy is preserving their legacy.

Robert Redford has very much completed his professional to-do list. He established himself as one of the best actors by appearing in movies like Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, The Sting, All President’s Men, and The Natural. In addition, many are placing him even higher on the list of Hollywood celebrities due to his work as a filmmaker.

Redford’s job has become his life, but he has also formed a loving family. In reality, Amy, his daughter, has achieved success in the entertainment industry.

But things haven’t always gone well. Redford has lived longer than both of his sadly lost sons.

So how did Robert’s journey begin? What is Amy Redford famous for, then? This is all there is to it!

On August 18, 1936, Robert Redford was born in Santa Monica, California. His father was a milkman when he was young and subsequently worked as an accountant for an oil firm. Meanwhile, his mother shared a deep love of both literature and movies.

Redford was raised in a working-class area of Santa Monica. He frequently went to the library and the movies because of his mother’s intense love for art. Robert Redford also developed a love for movies and reading, and his ambition to travel the world, all because of his parents.

Robert was an enthusiastic kid artist. His family, however, viewed painting as more of a “trivial hobby.” When he was bored in class, he would draw under the table, and by the third grade, his teacher had called him out.

“‘Mr Redford, why don’t you bring that up and show us what’s more important?’”, Redford remembers his teacher saying.

“Instead of burning me, she said, ‘I’ll make a deal with you. We’re gonna put an easel here. Every Wednesday, we’re gonna give you 15 minutes to draw a story, but then you have to promise to pay attention.’ That’s what saved me.”

Redford excelled in sports as a child; he played football, tennis, and track.

Additionally, he claimed to have a “strong” love life. But he thought he wasn’t successful in most things.

Actually, Redford admitted, “I was a failure at everything I did. “I was dismissed from my job as a box boy at a supermarket. Then my dad found me a job at Standard Oil, where I was promptly dismissed.”

Since Redford’s early years, his father had resided in California. Because his mother couldn’t care for his two boys, he was “shipping out” to the West Coast from New England, and he was terrified of living in poverty.

Therefore, Robert’s father didn’t support him when he very much said that he intended to pursue a career in arts because it wasn’t a “real” profession.

“It wasn’t his fault. I needed to get out of there. I needed to get to a clean, empty space because that house was occupied by thoughts that I didn’t share.”

“When I came out and looked like somebody who was gonna be freewheeling, it made him nervous. He thought, ‘He won’t survive that.’ That was the tension. He wanted me to be secure, to go to Stanford. I was lucky to get to Boulder, Colorado.”

Robert received a baseball scholarship at the University of Colorado, Boulder. But rather of concentrating on the sport, he turned into the “campus drunk,” and soon after, he was dismissed.

Redford made the decision to leave the US and travel to Europe. In Paris, he led a bohemian, “artsy,” way of life. He returned to California 18 months later, “far more focused” on both the political and cultural aspects of his own country. And it didn’t take long for him to begin what is now recognized as his career.

In 1958, Redford married Lola Van Wagenan, and shortly after their wedding, they relocated to New York City. The next year, they had their son Scott, but tragedy struck when the boy died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome five months later.

“My wife was 20; I was just 21. I had just begun my work in New York, and we were just beginning our lives,” Redford remembered. “Of course it was traumatic, and I don’t know how it may manifest itself in the future. We were forced to manage it. You must continue. And there were more kids that came.”

At this moment, Redford was a student at the Pratt Institute who later changed his major to acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He made the decision to channel all of his sorrow from losing his son into acting, and he soon secured his first theater roles.

After a few supporting roles in movies, Redford had his major break. He was cast in the main role of Barefoot in the Park in 1963, and soon after that, he became a real cinema star.

After the breakthrough in 1963, Redford appeared in a number of additional films. But his big break came in 1969 when he starred with Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.

According to Redford, “When I read it, I thought, ‘This is great for me. It was greatly influenced by my own sensibility, which has always had a bit of an outlaw tendency since I was a little child.”

Redford wasn’t sure he would get the job when he first read the screenplay in 1967. Newman initially wanted Steve McQueen to play “The Sundance Kid,” but Redford ultimately won the role.

Redford gave Newman the credit for helping him even land the role. He was one of Hollywood’s most well-known figures of all time, and he was the one who gave Redford, then 30, his big break.

Redford adapted a novel into a movie about a young man who is trying to get over a suicide attempt and is also trying to win over his parents at the same time. The film Ordinary People, which won four Academy Awards, was a big hit. Best Director was won by Robert Redford himself.

He decided that it was time to return the favor at that point. Robert handed up his two-acre Utah ranch to train the upcoming generation of talent in the film business. He founded the Sundance Film Festival and Institute there, and the festival’s annual gala is currently held in Park City, Utah.

“I wanted to give back.”

He also received an Academy Award Honorary Award in 2002, which was highly deserved.

In addition to having a fantastic profession that is still going strong, Robert Redford has created a wonderful family with the help of his first wife Lola Van Wagenen and second wife Sibylle Szaggars. He now has grandkids in addition to children. Sadly, Redford lost his son James Redford in October of last year after learning that he had liver cancer.

One of Robert’s daughters is currently following his steps and excelling as a filmmaker.

Amy Redford was born on October 22, 1970 in Los Angeles, California.

She was always a big fan of acting. She appeared in minor roles in programs including Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and Law & Order when she was 20 years old.

But Amy never really had a love for acting. She had the same sentiment that her father Robert Redford did in the early 1980s: she preferred being behind the camera than being in front of it.

Amy became really interested in photography during her time in high school and college. She began taking images in college after beginning in elementary school. She still enjoys taking pictures now. While growing up, she had the opportunity to experience what it was like to work behind the camera.

“As a kid I witnessed the process of my dad making films and the extraordinary cast of characters that came together to make it happen,” Amy Redford said.

Despite being the daughter of the legendary Robert Redford, she wasn’t given a pass just because of her last name.

Amy Redford’s first job in the industry was “pulling cables” for a movie that was filmed in Tuba City, Arizona. The remainder of her actual shooting expertise came from her acting assignments, when she had the opportunity to witness everything.

And her wish came true in 2008. Naturally, the Sundance Film Festival was where Amy had her debut showing of her drama The Guitar.

Amy comments on the film’s message, “It’s funny.” What you learn from it is really a matter of your experience. In essence, you should consider if you are making the best possible use of the cash that is your life. Everyone has a distinct response to that, and their actions in the face of death are also individual.

She said, “This movie is designed to be a conversation, not a prescription.” It may be real if you are battling a disease, symbolic if you are at a crossroads in your life, or both. People should draw their own judgments, I hope. I don’t want to influence someone’s emotions.

Amy Redford married Mike Mann in 2000, but the marriage ended in divorce four years later. Four years later, she met Mathew August, whom she subsequently married, and together they had Eden, their first child.

According to IMDB, Amy hasn’t been active in the industry recently.

Hopefully she’ll soon be back behind the lens once more. And perhaps this time with her famous father Robert Redford standing in front of it?

One of the finest performers of all time is without a doubt Robert Redford! Which of his movies do you prefer to watch?

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