After his ground-breaking performance in the 1977 movie “Saturday Night Fever,” which went on to become one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, John Travolta gained attention on a global scale. His role in the film Greese also helped him get further notoriety.

The youngest child in the family, John, was born in New Jersey, New York, in 1954. He dropped out of high school to pursue acting since he had known since he was a little child that he wanted to have a career in acting.

He was prepared to risk his life for this decision, but he now realizes that it was the best choice he could have made.

John has been in a number of movies during the course of his acting career, some of which include Two of a Kind (1983), Pulp Fiction (1994), Get Shorty (1995), for which he won a Golden Globe, Broken Arrow (1996), Wild Hogs (2007), Gotti (2018), and more.

In 1991, John married Kelly Preston. She  also had a career as an actor. She had a husband when they initially met. In 2018, Kelly acknowledged that she had been unhappy in her first marriage and that this had been down to her choosing the wrong partner.

Kelly unfortunately perished to breast cancer in July 2020. Her marriage to John had lasted close to 30 years.

The couple has three children: a son called Benjamin, born in 2010, a girl named Ella Bleu, born in 2000, and a son named Jett, born on April 13, 1992.

Jett tragically passed away in 2009 from autism-related seizures. When John met a devastating situation, he said that he was uncertain about how to manage it. The actor needed to improve so that he could spend more time with his other two children.

Ella continues the acting career, like both of her parents. She claimed that she had been interested in this industry since she was a little child and that she was lucky to have had access to her parents’ wisest advice.

Ella wrote some heartfelt comments for her mother to read after Kelly died. She said that she loved her mother very much and that she was the finest person she had ever met. She also expressed her gratitude to her mother for everything she had done for her.

Ella has an extremely close and loving relationship with her father, who she views as being the single most significant person in her life.

John also never misses an occasion to tell others how proud he is of his daughter, especially on the many social networking sites where he is a regular speaker.

He once uploaded a video of himself dancing with Ella as a homage to Kelly. One of Kelly’s most treasured memories, according to John, was dancing with him.

John and Ella have a lovely relationship as father and daughter since family is the most important thing in the world, and we hope that it stays that way for the rest of their life.