The famed actor Bruce Willis has been struggling with frontotemporal dementia, which has caused him to distance himself from the public eye. Although his family has been encouraging, recent reports indicate worries regarding his daughter Tallulah’s mental health. Tallulah’s safety became a concern for the Willis family as Bruce’s illness deteriorated.

Bruce Willis announced his retirement from acting earlier this year after receiving a diagnosis of aphasia, a disorder that affects speech abilities. The Willis family’s troubles increased after discovering he had frontotemporal dementia in February 2023.

Tallulah, Bruce, and Demi Moore’s daughter, reportedly developed anorexia shortly after her engagement to Dillon Buss ended and just months after her father’s aphasia diagnosis, according to Radar Online. Tallulah’s suffering was known to Bruce, who reportedly felt heartbroken as he saw her condition worsen.

The family came to a point where they felt it best to keep their distance from one another out of concern for their safety. Tallulah entered an in-patient institution to get therapy, where she was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder.

Tallulah opened up in a personal essay for Vogue about her battles with body dysmorphia, which started after taking ADHD medication. She developed an unhealthily negative attitude toward her body due to the medication’s appetite-suppressing adverse effects.

She gradually dropped to a perilously low weight of 84 pounds, was often cold, and needed help from mobile IV teams.

It is hoped that Tallulah will get the aid she needs and fully recover. Her father’s health problems cause the difficulties she faces on her travels. The Willis family is still managing these challenging conditions, showing how important it is to have compassion and empathy when facing hardship.