In the French Alps, 68-year-old Marcel Amphoux led a simple and unorthodox life. He was practically living a life of retirement in a tiny, remote hut with no running water or power. But man will amass significant wealth over time as a result of this basic way of living.

In addition, he received an inheritance of land in the Puy-Saint-Pierre village. It was the ideal spot for an opulent ski resort.

The price of the land skyrocketed in a matter of years as demand increased, but Marcel was never eager to sell. He built cabins for a few friends on his property and let them stay there for free despite the fact that nothing seemed to indicate that he was wealthy.

He didn’t seem to be interested in dating, but that changed in 2010 when he met Sandrine, a young Parisian woman of only 21. She clarified that she worked as a real estate agent and expressed interest in purchasing his land. Although Marcel initially declined, he did not object when Sandrine invited him to dinner.

Although their friends told Marcel that the woman only wanted his money, he seemed thrilled that he had finally found the love of his life. The two fell in love and were married.

“Marcel is a man from the Ice Age; he lives like a bear,” according to Sandrine, who stayed in Paris. “I truly am a Parisian. But I try to see him as frequently as I can so I can make him happy.”

Marcel was in a car accident with Sandrine and two other of her friends a year after they got married. Marcel died when the driver lost control; the others were unharmed. At the funeral, everyone regarded the woman with disrespect because it was suspected that she had something to do with his passing.

Sandrine told all of Marcel’s pals that she was going to evict them so she could construct something else on the property after being named the only heiress and overnight becoming a multimillionaire.

But in the midst of the controversy, it emerged that Marcel amended his will just before passing away and bequeathed everything to his family and friends, leaving Sandrine with nothing. Despite Sandrine suing them for forging the signature, the final decision was made in 2016 that the signature was genuine.

Justice was served.