The bride was talking to the guests when she noticed the groom’s ex-wife enter the hall.

Katie was aware that her future husband, Jeremy, had been married previously and had a kid when she first met him.

She understood that young Landon and his mother would be a part of her life whether she wanted them to be or not when she decided to become his wife.

The groom’s ex-wife and her current spouse were invited to the wedding, which surprised many of those in attendance.

However, this is just the beginning. Katie decided to make sure to mention Casey and Tyler, the boy’s mother, and her present spouse in her vows.

She glanced towards the groom’s ex-wife as she made her vows and asked her to stand up.

Nobody anticipated what came next.

The bride made her a tear-filled promise that she would do her best to be the greatest stepmother possible for her kid.

Katie knelt down and addressed Landon after she finished this pledge.

She assured him that she would do all in her power to be there for him and that she would care for him just as if he were her own kid.