Taking a road trip is one of the most enjoyable ways to go on vacation and get away from it all. It allows you to see the world and have engaging conversations with others in the vehicle.

When you go on a long road trip, it’s common to feel sleepy. Even drivers sometimes take short naps, which is considered a normal part of the journey.

But in today’s digital age, you have to be careful when you sleep because someone might snap a photo of you. And that’s exactly what happened to this husband. Not only did his wife take a picture of him sleeping, but she also had a surprise planned.

She turned to the Internet and asked for a favor. She wanted the Internet to use Photoshop to show her husband all the amazing things he missed while he was peacefully snoozing. And the Internet did not disappoint.

Take a look at these incredible and hilarious creations that the Internet came up with while the husband was catching up on his ZZZs:

The Internet’s creativity knows no bounds, and these pictures are proof. From epic landscapes to bizarre situations, the husband missed out on quite the adventure while he was peacefully unaware. It certainly gave him something to laugh about when he woke up.

So next time you take a road trip and find yourself dozing off, beware of the camera-wielding mischief-makers around you. You might just wake up to a hilarious surprise courtesy of the Internet.