We always love seeing people helping animals. It’s a truly thankless job — animals don’t usually show much appreciation for a good deed. But sometimes animals have a sweet way of saying “thanks” to their rescuers, like one kangaroo who offered a handshake to the men who saved him.

According to Daily Mail Australia, a man named David Boyd spotted a kangaroo struggling in Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. The water was freezing, and the poor animal was unable to get out. Thankfully, two brave bystanders braved the icy waters to help the kangaroo to safety.

Carefully approaching to not startle the kangaroo, the men tried to grab its arms and lead it to safety. However, the kangaroo started flailing its arms in fear. Undeterred, the men managed to get a hold of the animal and guide it out of the water. A third man joined in to lift the kangaroo onto dry land and kept the scared and shivering animal calm.

Kangaroos can be dangerous if they feel threatened, with strong punches, sharp claws, and powerful kicks. However, in this heartwarming moment, the kangaroo seemed to understand that these men were there to help. It even held out its paw as if offering a handshake, leaving the rescuers in awe.

The kangaroo was in shock and needed about thirty minutes to calm down, according to Daily Mail Australia. However, onlookers later reported that the kangaroo hopped along on its way, seemingly unharmed by the ordeal.

Watch the heartwarming video here!

Thank you to these brave men for their heroic act in saving the kangaroo. They definitely deserved that “handshake” for saving the day. Let’s share this amazing story and celebrate the kindness of strangers coming together to help an animal in need!