Being a mother means always putting your children’s safety first. Phyllis Pena, a courageous mom from Texas, exemplified this when she fearlessly confronted a man who was peeping into her 15-year-old daughter’s bedroom window.

The incident occurred in broad daylight, shortly after 7 a.m. on January 31. Pena spotted 19-year-old Zane Hawkins creeping around her daughter’s window. Realizing the danger her daughter could be in, she sprang into action.

As Hawkins attempted to flee, the police were hot on his trail. But just when Hawkins thought he could escape again, Pena bravely tackled him. This heroic act was captured on the dash camera of one of the police officers.

Sgt. Roy Welch praised Pena, stating, “It’s not very often that we have somebody that actually steps in, puts themselves in harm’s way to assist in apprehending somebody.” Pena was well aware of the risk she was taking but had no hesitations about protecting her precious children. “My kids are my life and just making sure I protect them,” she expressed.

Hawkins was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest, and resisting arrest. Thanks to Pena’s quick thinking and bravery, justice was served.

We should applaud Phyllis Pena for her unwavering devotion to her children’s safety. Her selfless actions serve as a reminder that a mother’s love knows no bounds.

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