Today’s world makes it more crucial than ever to practice the minor formalities that count.

Small acts of kindness can tremendously impact someone’s day, and kind deeds performed with strangers in mind are always graciously received. In conclusion, being kind is pleasant and sometimes goes far farther than you imagine.

Just ask Louise, Texas resident Brooke Ochoa, who was entering a restaurant for lunch when she noticed an older woman coming in. The 30-year-old held the door open for the woman, which she thought was being courteous. She had no idea, though, that the woman’s comment a few seconds later would set off a series of events that would make her famous.

When the woman and Brooke both entered the restaurant at the exact moment, Brooke overheard the woman request a “table for one.”

When Brooke saw that the woman was planning to eat alone, she went over to her and gave her another favor. According to Today, Brooke approached the woman’s table and said, “I’m eating by myself too. Would you like to have lunch together?”.

The woman, Dolores, not only accepted Brooke’s offer, but she was also genuinely happy for the business. According to ABC 6, the two quickly grew close and talked extensively while eating.

Dolores admitted to Brooke that recent times had been difficult for her. In a later Facebook post about the incident, Brooke stated, “Come to find out, she spent the last decade living with her mom, who recently passed away, and her aunt, who recently was put into a nursing home.”

She has found it difficult to be by herself.

“She just kept grinning and thanking me for listening, which made me smile too,” she continued. In the same way, I helped her lonely heart; her words also helped mine.

Because Brooke and Dolores found their chat so enjoyable, they decided to meet for lunch every Thursday.

Soon after their first encounter, Brooke disclosed in a later update that Dolores had passed away, making it remarkable that she could improve her life.

This fortuitous encounter serves as evidence that even the simplest acts of kindness have the power to alter someone’s life. Both women were unaware that Dolores’ time on this planet was limited, yet they found comfort in one another, which counts.

The world would be much happier if more people thought and behaved like Brooke!

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