The majority of our lives are spent pursuing and idolizing false ideals. You truly begin to live on the day you realize that.

You cannot, under any circumstances, satisfy everyone. Everyone is busy pleasing themselves, so please yourself and your loved ones later.

It’s like attempting to catch the wind, trying to fight the aging process. Enjoy it and accept it. Though it has always changed, your body is still changing now. Instead of wasting time attempting to undo it, alter your perspective so that you can appreciate the beauty of the new.

No one is flawless, and no one is content with their situation in life. You are free from comparison and criticism as soon as you realize it. It is liberating.

Everyone can see what you do poorly, but nobody can know what you do right. Once that becomes evident, you’ll start acting for the right reasons and have much more pleasure.

The sooner you can come to terms with the body your spirit resides in, the better. You will regret the years you spent hating your appearance. Although magnificent and significant, your body does not determine who you are.

While your health is vital, stress, fear, and worry are much more harmful than any delectable meal or beverage you can deprive yourself of. The finest medicine is joy and peace.

As you age, things like who will remember you and what becomes more crucial. More than any real possession you can leave behind, your love and wisdom will endure for a long time. Share your stories; they may go further than you think.

Even if we are only here temporarily, living against the wind can feel like a life sentence. Life ought to seem like an adventure rather than a chore.

Always use the items you save for “the best,” and always drink good champagne. Nobody has an assurance of tomorrow. We call today “the present” because it is a gift. Graze, sip, and celebrate.