Pets hold a special place in our hearts and become cherished members of our families. When they pass away, many of us go to great lengths to honor their memory. Some families scatter their pet’s ashes in their favorite park, while others choose to bury them, providing a consistent place to remember and pay tribute to their beloved companion.

One day, while taking a leisurely walk with his Staffordshire terrier, Serena, in Kiroli Park, Zach Medlin stumbled upon a gravesite that caught his attention. As Serena excitedly chased ducks in the nearby lake, Zach took a moment to carefully examine the gravestone hidden amidst the woods.

“The inscription was covered by some pine straw,” Zach recounted. “I moved the pine straw away to read what the grave marker had to say.”

The inscription on the gravestone was both touching and unexpected. According to a photo shared by Zach, it read: “Buddie, 1928 — 1941. Born a dog / Died a gentleman.”

Buddie’s final resting place was tucked away in the public park, leaving Zach to wonder why this beloved pet was buried alone, away from his devoted owner. Perhaps Buddie’s love for the park surpassed anything else, and spending eternity there brought him joy.

“It warms my heart to know that Buddie was there for his owners during the Great Depression,” Zach shared. “Every dog deserves a grave marker.”

As locals know, Kiroli Park holds a unique legend. Once a summer camp for the Boy Scouts, the park was said to have had a mascot dog named Buddie. According to urban legend, Buddie once saved a drowning scout’s life by alerting a camp leader with his barks. This act of heroism became a part of the park’s folklore.

However, another account challenges this popular belief. Lora Peppers discovered a handwritten note from 1993 that shed light on the true story behind Buddie’s resting place. The note stated that Buddie actually belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Jones, who lived nearby. Mr. Jones would often bring the beautiful Irish setter to Kiroli Park for runs. When Buddie passed away, Mr. Jones chose to bury him in the place they both loved.

Whether Buddie was a mascot or a beloved family pet, his final resting place in Kiroli Park is a testament to the love and bond between humans and their furry companions.