Tamra Judge, beloved star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” was recently admitted to the hospital due to stomach pain. She took to social media to share the news and posted a selfie from her hospital bed, showing a tube in her nose. After further evaluation, she received the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction.

Intestinal obstruction can be caused by various factors such as adhesions, hernias, scar tissue, tumors, or even Chron’s disease. Currently, Judge is undergoing additional testing, hoping to avoid surgery if possible.

Tamra Judge

This isn’t the first time Judge has dealt with intestinal issues. Back in 2012, she required emergency surgery to remove a strangulated hernia that affected a section of her intestines. The surgery left her with a damaged belly button, which she recently addressed with a corrective abdominoplasty. Throughout her journey, Judge has been incredibly open about her health struggles and the multiple surgeries she has endured.