A South Carolina hiker hiking along a creek was shocked to encounter a giant snake sitting near the creek’s bank.

According to The State of Columbia, Meredith Langley snapped the reptile at Jeffries Creek Park in Florence and posted the photographs on Facebook.

“See how well he mixes in with his surroundings,” Langley wrote in her post. “This was a fantastic teaching opportunity and example for my kids, who frequently forget not to run ahead of me on walks!” she said.

The tweet received hundreds of replies and was shared by over 1,000 people on social media.

“He’s already swallowed someone,” one commenter said, adding, “I ain’t going on no trails.”

“Such a beast!” Someone else wrote this.

According to Sean Foley, curator of herpetology at the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia, the reptile is a harmless watersnake, most likely a brown watersnake.

According to Foley of McClatchy News, water snakes strive to convince potential predators that they are deadly cottonmouths.

According to Foley, if they are cornered or at*acked, they will defend themselves by flattening their heads, striking, and shaking their tails in leaves. “All of this helps them appear dangerous to would-be predators hoping to be left alone.”

This was when startled construction workers discovered a 33-FEET-LONG anaconda on a Brazilian construction site.

Workers discovered the gigantic reptile, weighing 63 stone, after conducting a controlled explosion in the Cave of Altamira in the northern state of Para.

Construction workers in Brazil unearthed a 33-foot-long anaconda.

They discovered the beast while conducting a controlled experiment.

The camera footage from one of the team members pans around the snake’s massive body, which measures one meter in circumference.

Following a terrifying discovery, the employees tethered the animal to a crane. They lifted it to reveal its yellow spotted underbelly, which drew criticism in the comments section when the video was uploaded to YouTube.

Medusa, a snake in Kansas City, is the current Guinness World Record holder for the longest snake in captivity, measuring 25 feet 2 inches.