Steve Martin, the Emmy and Grammy-winning performer, recently revealed that he is ready to take a step back from the limelight. After co-creating the Hulu real-crime parody “Only Murders in the Building,” he expressed his desire to “work a bit less.” In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Martin stated, “I will not look for others once this television program is over. I’m not going to look for other movies. I refuse to appear in cameos. This is it, strangely.”

Retiring may not be on the cards for Martin, but he is determined to prioritize his personal life. By reducing his professional obligations, he hopes to spend more quality time with his wife, writer Anne Stringfield, and their 9-year-old daughter. “I have a wonderful family life,” Martin remarked. “I’m no longer willing to relocate to live or shoot a movie. I’m not supposed to disappear for three months.”

As one of the great Renaissance men of modern entertainment, Martin’s contributions span various art forms. From his 15 appearances on “Saturday Night Live” to his accomplishments as an actor, comedian, author, and playwright, he has left an indelible mark on the industry. Notably, he is also a talented banjo player and continues to perform across the country.

In recent years, Martin has been intentionally scaling back his involvement in Hollywood films. While his most recent full-length acting role was in Ang Lee’s 2016 film “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” he has been selective about the projects he takes on. Now, the celebrated Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville is set to showcase Martin’s impressive 60-year career in an upcoming documentary. Co-produced by A24, the renowned indie powerhouse, this film promises to provide an intimate glimpse into Martin’s artistic journey.

Despite his intention to step back, Martin’s talent remains undeniable. This year, he received three Emmy nominations for “Only Murders in the Building,” including recognition for best comedy series, best comedy series writing, and best lead actor in a comedy series. As the show’s second season draws to a close, audiences continue to be captivated by Martin’s portrayal of a lonely Manhattanite collaborating with a quirky theatrical director (Martin Short) and a sarcastic millennial (Selena Gomez) to unravel a series of murders through a gripping podcast.

In speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Martin humbly acknowledged that there comes a point in one’s career when people long to see more of you. However, in his personal life, he recognizes the importance of being present. “In my personal life, I need to show up now more than ever,” he shared with sincerity.

As Steve Martin embraces this new chapter, we can reflect on his extraordinary contributions and eagerly anticipate the enchanting stories he will continue to share with the world.