Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ wife shared some surprising details about him right before his death.

On Tuesday, the well-known TV personality tragically shot himself in the head and was discovered dead at a hotel in Los Angeles. He became well-known as a cast member on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Allison Holker became suspicious in the hours before his murder when tWitch left his house without notice and did not answer his phone.

According to reports, the mother of three called the police to complain that, while her husband had left the house cheerfully and without incident, he had not returned any of her calls.

She stated that because Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ activities were so out of character for him, officials classed him as a “serious missing persons” case.

According to sources, they accompanied Allison to her Los Angeles residence to search for any clues or information on tWitch’s possible whereabouts.

Allison claimed that her husband had left the house without a car, which was unusual for him, and she went to the Los Angeles Police Department to report it.

The beloved DJ was discovered dead in a Los Angeles hotel shortly after she reported the incident to authorities.

Allison, a participant on “So You Think You Can Dance,” revealed the death of the beloved dancer in an interview with People magazine.

“I have to tell you that my husband Stephen has left us with the hardest of hearts,” she explained.

In a 2017 interview with Aubrey Marcus and her podcast, he confessed that becoming a father came with additional pressures. Unknown factors could have contributed to his unfortunate death.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police Department found no reason to suspect Stephen “tWitch” Boss’s death.

The hotel manager admitted to being “extremely scared” after discovering his body.

In his final post before passing away, tWitch shared a poignant video of him and his wife, who are well-known for their TikTok dancing, dancing on Sunday in front of their Christmas tree at their Encino home.

“HOLIDAY SUNDAY DANCE!! You have my love.”

The couple’s two children are Maddox, six, and Zaia, three. In 2013, Stephen married Allison. Later, he took in Allison’s 14-year-old daughter, Weslie.