Stephen Baldwin, the father of Hailey Baldwin, has raised concerns among fans with a cryptic message he shared on Instagram. In the post, he reshared a message from Victor Marx, the founder of All Things Possible Ministries, asking Christians to pray for Hailey and her husband Justin Bieber. The post has left many wondering about the well-being of the celebrity couple.

The Instagram Reel shared by Baldwin featured a clip of Justin playing the guitar, with Marx’s message overlaid, urging Christians to pray for wisdom, protection, and a closer connection to God for the couple. Fans were quick to express their concern and questioned if something happened or if the prayer request was more general in nature.

Hailey and Justin were later spotted leaving a late-night church service, according to Cosmopolitan. While the specific reason for the prayer request remains unclear, it is worth mentioning that both Hailey and Justin have faced health challenges in the past.

In 2022, Justin was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, leading him to cancel the remaining dates of his world tour. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing his health and taking a break to rest and recover. Hailey, on the other hand, experienced a blood clot in her brain around the same time. She shared her health scare on her Instagram Story, revealing that she had recovered fully within a few hours.

Stephen Baldwin has not provided further clarification regarding the reason for the prayer request. However, we hope that everything is okay with Hailey and Justin. Let us join in praying for their well-being and for any challenges they may be facing.