Everyone would get along in an ideal world. Unfortunately, some personalities clash, and other people are simply not intended to be in each other’s life. This appeared to be the situation for one family and their prospective in-laws’ son.

The father described how he and his wife live in New Jersey and commute to work in Manhattan, New York. His son went to college in Pennsylvania and fell in love with the location so much that he convinced his father to buy a four-bedroom house there. They might all live in adjacent states and visit frequently this way.

The father has been paying for the majority of the house’s bills, such as taxes and maintenance, while the son has been paying for utilities and his own needs, such as food. His son also lives there for free. For several years, everything was going swimmingly until the son got engaged.

Everyone appeared to get along well enough after the son’s family and his fiancée’s family met, but this was not the case. Because the fiancée’s family disliked the son’s family, they decided they should not be invited to the wedding.

This has caused various problems between the families, as well as within the father-son relationship. Because the son appeared ready to begin a new life with a new family, the father responded in a way that may perhaps permanently cut ties with his child – selling the son’s residence. In June 2022, he went to Reddit to ask users if he gone too far or was justified in his outrage.

The original poster (OP) discussed in his Reddit post how he and his wife purchased a home in Pennsylvania for his son to live in and how they paid the taxes while the son stayed there rent-free. For a few years, everything was OK until their son began a serious connection with his now-fiancée, who moved in with him. Following that, wedding planning became a new issue.

The family hosted a little party at their Pennsylvania home to get to know the son’s fiancée and her family better. “We all seem to get along well,” OP stated, referring to his wife, daughter, and fiancée, as well as her mother, sisters, and son. “My wife and daughter come out a few minutes later, distraught.” They claimed they wanted to travel back to New Jersey right away, so OP did. When they returned home, OP discovered that his son’s fiancée and prospective in-laws did not want them to attend the wedding.

“According to what I was told, ‘We’re not their kind of people,’” OP added. ” I was furious, so I contacted my son and asked him what the hell was going on. He informs me that her family believes we are inadequate and will shame them at a family wedding, and that we are all uninvited.”

After having a week to relax, OP travelled to Pennsylvania to speak with his son in person, only to discover that his fiancée and future in-laws had all moved in. OP claimed that he tried to talk to his son, but the family became hostile.

“They tell me I have to leave their house,” OP explained. “I lost it and told them they had 30 days to leave. Tell my son that I’m selling the house and that he may find another place to live with all of you.” The owner of the house hired a realtor in town and advertised it for sale.

“They call my son at work and tell him what I said,” stated OP. “It appears that they thought he owned the house.” He went on:

“He calls me and asks why I’m selling his house, I tell him I paid for it along with the taxes on it and it is mine. He was living there for free, but he had to leave because he doesn’t want us in his new life.”

If they didn’t relocate in time, OP threatened to have them evicted, but has since questioned whether he went too far and sought help from Redditors. Many users requested an update on the situation and wondered whether there were any larger issues that could have led in the family being denied entry to their son’s wedding.

“I want an update on this because it seems crazy,” one individual said. What kind of person do they believe you are? How did your son feel about his entire family being excluded? Do you believe your son’s fiancée has brainwashed him? How could he have thought the house was ‘his’ when he hadn’t paid the taxes on it? “There are so many questions.”

“I just can’t understand what ‘we’re not their kind of people’ could possibly mean and how OP isn’t good enough for the individuals who moved into what they thought was OP’s son’s house,” another user remarked. “Based on what we’ve been informed, NTA, but something smells fishy to me.”

Who, in this case, do you believe went too far? Please let us know, and feel free to forward this to your family and friends to see what they think.