Smokey Robinson, the legendary singer, recently opened up about his romantic relationship with Diana Ross. Despite being married to his first wife, Claudette Rogers, Robinson revealed that he and Ross shared a special connection for an entire year. In an interview with The Guardian, he described their time together as a beautiful experience.

Robinson and Ross have been friends since they were just 10 years old. Their bond grew stronger when Ross and her family moved to the same street as Robinson’s family. They also happened to live near another music icon, Aretha Franklin. Looking back, Robinson cherishes their childhood memories and points out how incredible it is that they went on to become some of the most famous people in the world.

“As kids, we had so much fun,” Robinson reminisced.

During his teenage years, Robinson had a crush on Aretha Franklin, but their relationship never developed beyond friendship. However, his connection with Diana Ross took a different turn.

Robinson shared that their romance evolved naturally, without either of them intentionally pursuing each other. At that time, Ross was young and focused on her career, while Robinson was determined to support her. In fact, he even introduced her to Motown, the renowned record label. Their bond grew stronger as they worked together.

This beautiful affair eventually came to an end when Ross made the difficult decision to break it off. According to Robinson, she realized that he still loved his wife Claudette deeply, and she couldn’t continue their relationship.

Reflecting upon his time with Ross, Robinson gained a profound understanding of a notion that society often finds challenging: love. He realized that it is possible to love more than one person simultaneously. Love is uncontrollable and goes beyond societal taboos. Robinson emphasized that if love could be controlled, nobody would take the risk of getting hurt.

While Robinson openly admitted to his affair with Ross, he humorously dismissed rumors that they were Michael Jackson’s biological parents. He found these rumors amusing and firmly denied their validity.