Sadly, Linda passed away from cancer in 2016, and the musician declared that she will always be his true love. Press and fans have long been curious about Sir Tom Jones’ personal life. His wife was at his side at all times, despite the numerous reports of adultery.

Linda and Sir Tom Jones married when they were just 16 years old and remained partners for the remainder of their lives. Sadly, Linda passed away in 2016 after receiving a cancer diagnosis. According to her husband, he would never love another person.

Following the passing of his wife, Sir Tom Jones made the decision to cancel every performance. Sadly, the singer was greatly impacted by this terrible incident. At one point, Sir Tom Jones felt responsible for Linda’s passing and wondered whether he shouldn’t have compelled her to visit the doctor.

Linda passed away peacefully surrounded by her husband and loved ones, Sir Tom Jones remarked as he broke the news to his audience.

Sir Tom Jones candidly discussed the unfortunate incident and expressed his doubts about ever being able to sing again and his inability to perform some songs. He claimed that despite this, he could use all of these feelings to write new songs in memory of his wife. Sir Tom Jones sold their Los Angeles property after Linder’s passing and relocated to England.

Sir Jones had a son with another lady with whom he had an affair, but Linda and her husband had a son together, Mark Woodward. Although Sir Tom Jones adored his wife, they had a “do not ask” agreement regarding his trips. Nobody is aware of Linda’s genuine thoughts on this rule.

Sir Jones once claimed to have slept with 250 women.

Sir Tom Jones and Katherine Berkery had an affair in 1987, and she later became pregnant, although the singer was unaware that he was the father. Even though a paternity test revealed that he was the kid’s father, he did not want to be involved with Katherine or the child.

Until his son turned 18, Sir Tom Jones was required to give him money every month.

Jonathan, his son, claimed he didn’t want anything from him but only wanted to know him better and hear about his life. Jonathan had numerous challenges throughout his life, including a struggle with drug addiction and years spent sleeping on the streets due to homelessness.

It is hoped that Sir Tom Jones will be able to move on from the passing of Linda and perhaps even mend fences with his son Jonathan.