Just because someone is older does not mean they have lost their talent. On the opposite. Jenny Darren demonstrated this on Britain’s Got Talent with her one-of-a-kind audition. While her song choice was unexpected, the audience enjoyed her performance and her personality.

Jenny Darren, 68, has been singing since she was twelve years old, giving her almost fifty years of expertise in the music profession. Her background includes singing backup vocals for AC/DC and releasing four albums of her own. One of the albums included drummer Nicko McBrian, who eventually joined Iron Maiden.

Jenny chose to return to music once she retired. Jenny, who enjoys rock and roll, had taken a break from it in favor of classical and jazz music. Jenny had decided it was time to return to her origins.

Jenny walked the stage of Britain’s Got Talent wearing a bun, a long dress, and a button-up cardigan, appearing like the stereotypical retired grandma. The judges welcomed her and instructed her to begin her audition. Jenny, however, requests a moment before she begins…She begins to unbutton her cardigan. The crowd begins to cheer, unsure of what to anticipate, and the judges appear concerned about what the grandma may have in mind.

Jenny threw her cardigan and large apparel off stage, much to everyone’s surprise. Fortunately, she was wearing different clothing underneath. She was now dressed in a black leather skirt, boots, and a black t-shirt and stepped in front of the throng. As AC/DC’s hit song “Highway to Hell” began to play, the crowd erupted in applause as she confidently sauntered back to center stage.

Jenny surprised everyone by belting out the tune. Jenny’s boldness and powerful singing wowed the audience. Judge David Walliams was so taken with Jenny’s performance that he got up from his seat and began dancing along with her. Everyone, including the judges, proceeded to sing along with the well-known chorus. She even ended the song on the traditional high note.

Jenny received a standing ovation from both the crowd and all four judges for her performance. She absolutely nailed this song! You must see her performance.