'90210' Star Ian Ziering Attacked On New Year's Eve

It was a frightening New Year’s Eve for ‘90210’ star Ian Ziering, as he found himself in the midst of a terrifying altercation with a group of bikers. A video obtained by TMZ shows the actor being attacked on Hollywood Blvd.

According to reports, Ziering was stopped in traffic when a group of bikers on mini bikes began weaving in and out of the cars. It appears that one of the bikes hit Ziering’s vehicle, sparking a heated exchange between the actor and the biker.

The situation quickly escalated, with more bikers joining in on the attack. It is believed that at least one of Ziering’s daughters was in the car and witnessed the violence unfold.

Despite the chaos, Ziering managed to escape the scene and drive away, with the bikers in pursuit. The police were called, and an official report has been filed, listing Ziering as a victim.

The incident has left fans concerned for Ziering’s well-being, with many taking to social media to express their support and wishes for his recovery. While some praised his bravery, others urged for patience and shared road etiquette in similar situations.