Here at Newsner, we are captivated by extraordinary stories and individuals who stand out from the crowd. We celebrate the beauty of our differences. After all, there is no one else in this vast world who looks exactly like you or shares your unique traits. However, some people possess a uniqueness that goes beyond the ordinary.

Meet little Abigail Lee, a four-year-old girl from Louisiana, USA, who has captured the attention of many due to her appearance. Abigail was born with a rare condition that ensures her life will be unlike that of most children her age.

At the tender age of two, Abigail weighed a mere six-and-a-half pounds. Her delicate frame made it impossible for her to fit into anything other than newborn baby clothes. Even before Abigail’s birth, her parents, Emily and Brian, sensed that their daughter was different. An ultrasound during Emily’s pregnancy revealed that Abigail’s growth was not on track. Eventually, her growth stopped completely, and she had to be delivered prematurely via caesarean section.

Abigail’s birth weight was just three-and-a-half pounds, and she remained the same size for eight weeks. Emily and Brian were understandably distressed by this situation and sought help from doctors. After weeks in the hospital, Abigail was diagnosed with a rare condition called Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II, or MOPD type 2 for short.

“I wasn’t meant to be a special needs mom, I wasn’t given a special child because I am some sort of ultra special…”

  • Emily Lee

“When I was pregnant, she was always three weeks behind in her development,” Emily shares. “I had a c-section at 36 weeks, and she was immediately taken to the intensive care unit. She exhibited normal breathing and eating patterns, but she was incredibly small. When she was diagnosed, we had never heard of this type of ‘dwarfism,’ so we had absolutely no idea what it was.”

Abigail’s condition means that she is not expected to grow any taller than 60 centimeters (23 inches). As a result, she can only wear clothes designed for newborns. Emily wonders what they will do when Abigail is old enough to express her desire to wear something other than bodysuits. Emily compares Abigail’s size to her best friend’s two-year-old, and the contrast is truly astonishing.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead, we wish Abigail all the very best in her journey. We commend Emily and Brian for embracing this unique challenge and providing unwavering support to their daughter.