A WOMAN WHO BELIEVED she was expecting twins has spoken out about her surprise at giving birth to quintuplets instead.

Oksana Kobeletska of Ukraine went from being a single mother to having six children in less than a day after giving birth to three boys and two girls by C-section in Odessa.

She and her husband, who already have a three-year-old daughter, expressed their joy at the arrival of her twins.

But the 37-year-old mother, who had eight physicians and nurses on hand for the June 24 delivery, said she hadn’t expected it.

She stated, ” “I was astonished because I had assumed I was expecting twins or something like that.

“It’s never happened to anyone in our family. There wasn’t a single instance of that.

“In general, I didn’t expect it and had never expected it.”

Denis, Dariya, Vladislav, Oleksandra, and David are the names of the couple’s newborns.

After their five new arrivals, officials awarded them with a 100 square meter residence.

“I can’t even conceive how difficult it will be to raise so many children at once,” she added.

Oksana and her children are doing well in hospital and will be released as soon as they weigh more than two kilograms (4.4 lbs).

In other baby news, a London hospital believes it has discovered a strategy to lower the incidence of cot death… It also entails placing babies in cardboard boxes.

The Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in west London is the first in the UK to offer parents heavy-duty cardboard cribs for free.

The hospital has even stocked the box bed with newborn baby basics such as diapers, clothes, and other requirements.

Since the program began, 800 new mothers have received a baby box that includes a firm foam mattress, a waterproof mattress cover, and a cotton sheet.

The cribs are likely to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until the end of the month.