Tess Morten, a 47-year-old British woman, attempted for years to conceive naturally and artificially, but she was unsuccessful.

The woman claims that when she went through menopause at the age of 40, she completely lost hope of ever having biological children.

She found it difficult to accept that she and her husband, Neil Morten, would never have children, especially because they had been trying to conceive since the year they got married in 2003.

But the Morten family’s life has taken an unexpected turn seven years after Tess started going through menopause. Tess went to the doctor because she began feeling ill and was lacking energy, was constantly bloated and nauseated.

The medical professionals warned her to prepare for the worse and said she could have ovarian cancer. Tess was alarmed and carried out more research, including getting an ultrasound.

Even the experts were in shock of her pregnancy. Tess Morten got pregnant naturally seven years after going through menopause without the assistance of artificial insemination. Molly, a healthy baby girl, was born earlier this year.

The medications Tess was taking to stop her hot flashes had adverse effects that affected her hormonal balance and are thought to be the reason the pregnancy was attainable.