She was making waves in Hollywood with her blond hair and blue eyes. It was always a presence that could not be overlooked due to its undeniable beauty. But time has totally transformed it, and what it once was, is no more.

Once, all men wanted it, now it has changed.

She had a special beauty; with her blond hair and blue eyes, any man could fall at her feet. It was one of the pleasant female presences at Holywood. Over time, it changed radically, and the actress’ body became unrecognizable.

Because it’s about her, Kathleen Turner has changed a lot physically over the years. The cause seems to be the disease detected by doctors. Doctors diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis and told her she could not walk.

To prevent the disease from developing, Kathleen Turner began taking medication, but at one point, gave up.

After the drugs left a significant mark on her body, Kathleen got tired of the negative comments of those around her and began to find refuge in alcohol. He even fainted, at one point, on the stage of a theater show.

In her autobiography, the actress said she tried to cure herself of the relentless disease. Moreover, she knew nothing about this disease when it was detected.

“I was doing everything to recover, I couldn’t feel my wrists, I was practically walking on one leg.

When I was diagnosed with this disease in the 1990s, I didn’t know much about this disease. In the film industry, people hire drunks and drug addicts, but not the sick or actors who suffer from a disease they don’t understand. Today things are different, they are potent drugs, but they lower your immune system, “said the actress in her autobiography.

He had numerous partners in many of his productions in which she starred. At one point, he revealed that Burt Reynolds was kissing the worst. Turner is now 66 years old and starred with Burt in the 1988 comedy Switching Channel.

Reynolds died at the age of 82 in 2018. Kathleen also revealed that she originally rehearsed for the comedy film with Michael Caine, but he was also involved in other roles and did not continue his role. “Eventually, the producer left and hired Burt,” she said.

The actress had a relatively thick voice, similar to Lauren Bacall’s. And when they saw each other face to face, the actress said to Lauren Bacall: “Hi, I’m your younger version.”

During the peak of her beauty, the actress emanated a lot of confidence and a man who did not turn his head after her, was considered gay.

“One night when I feel very confident and go into a room, if there’s a man who doesn’t turn his head after me, he’s probably gay,” Kathleen Turner confessed.

Kathleen married 1984 the real estate agent Jay Weiss, with whom she has a daughter. However, in 2007 the two broke up their marriage for good.