Selma Blair, a well-known actress with multiple sclerosis, reportedly had a nightmare episode when her long-term spouse attempted to strangle her and threatened her with death. Later, the actress secured a restraining order against the man she claims is violent.

Selma Blair has requested a restraining order against her lover, alleging that he beat her and threatened to murder her while she was at her Los Angeles home last month.

Selma Blair revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend, Ronald Carlson, had an altercation in her home on February 22. Following numerous squabbles, the actress revealed that her 52-year-old ex-partner flung herself on her and began strangling her while she was laying limp on the couch.

Blair said in court records that while she was lying on the couch, her ex-partner “strangled and shook her vigorously, shaking her head and shoulders.”

Selma Blair was getting treatment at the time of the alleged incident, according to the story, and told Carlson that she was not feeling well. The individual became verbally and later physically hostile in a short period of time. “You are a good invalid of nothing, and you are incapable of nothing. I don’t deserve it; I’m far better off with someone else “According to People, he would have told her.

During the attack, the actress said she lost consciousness after her ex-partner covered her face and mouth with her hands, rendering her unable to breathe. He did, however, manage to seek assistance, including filing a police report.

After the actress began bleeding from her nose, doctors arrived on the scene and decided to transport her to the hospital for further inspection and expert care.

Carlson was detained on suspicion of domestic violence, but he rejected the charges. He was later served with a restraining order by the 49-year-old actress.

The actress has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for a long time and uses a cane to get around. Blair revealed his autoimmune illness diagnosis in October 2018.