Melissa Blake is a 37-year-old woman who was born with a rare genetic disorder. Syndrome of Freeman-Sheldon

Melissa Blake is 37 years old and was born with Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, a rare genetic illness that impacted not just her bone structure but also her muscles.

Melissa, who is originally from Illinois, did not let the condition stop her from pursuing her dream of being a blogger.

Her overconfidence and the selfies she shared, on the other hand, disturbed internet users. Some of them, who were a little more naughty, left him a lot of bad feedback.

People have compared her to a type of headless fish known as a blobfish, and some have even told her she is too hideous to take selfies.

Melissa, who had been used to people’s weird looks for years, was unfazed by the comments.

“At the recent round of malicious jokes about me, someone warned me that I should be banned from Twitter if I still share images with me since I am too ugly,” she added, followed by three selfies.

As a result, I’d like to commemorate this occasion with these three selfies “, was her response.

Melissa’s article was well-received, with over 100,000 individuals expressing their gratitude.

“I’m tired of individuals, particularly guys, who believe it’s acceptable to trash a woman or make fun of her appearance. Yes, my birth handicap gives me a unique appearance. That is something I am aware of.

This is something I’ve always known. People then wonder why I had such a difficult time accepting and loving myself. I was plagued by just these kinds of remarks, in which others attempted to humiliate me “, she continued.

Mellisa’s message touched many people, not just because of her courage and fortitude, but also because she was unafraid.

“You’re stunning. They are unattractive. “Continue to upload images of yourself.” ” They despise themselves before downloading others. You didn’t come into this world to be defined by a slew of misbehaving individuals.

” I am proud of you,” you are loved. Continue to defy those who want to quiet you, and do it with a good attitude, as you have done in the past. Some of the blogger’s responses included, “I send you a lot of love!”