She was only a small girl when she suffered severe burns; nonetheless, this has not stopped Svetlana Alekseeva from following her aspirations of becoming a model.

The young woman from Russia, who is 18 years old, shared her experience with the media and said, “I have always wanted to be a model, but I was warned that because of my burn scars, I would never be allowed on the catwalk.”

After I came to this conclusion, I questioned why I even bothered with a catwalk when I could just be a picture model instead.

Svetlana, when she was younger, used to play around with lighters and somehow managed to set fire to her clothing. Her clothing was made of a low-quality fabric that ignited easily, so the fire spread quickly.

When her mother got back to the house a couple of hours later, she found her severely burned daughter sprawled out on the floor. Her daughter had been unconscious for some time.

Svetlana, who is now 18 years old, claims that her mother did not make a single visit to her daughter over the subsequent two months that she spent in critical care.

Her father had passed away not too long before, and her mother’s heavy drinking was a direct reaction to the loss of her husband not long before that.

Svetlana claims that when she was released from the hospital, her mother started making fun of her and even hit her with a metal pipe on one occasion.

Svetlana made this claim in her testimony. She goes as far as to say that her mother made an attempt to drown her in the bathtub as she washed her hair and that she was frequently cut with knives. She makes this accusation in the middle of the conversation.

Svetlana’s alcoholic mother caused her to spend a considerable chunk of her childhood shuttling between the home she shared with her family and an orphanage.

This caused Svetlana a great deal of disruption in her development. When her mother was under the influence of alcohol, the authorities would place her in that facility.

According to Svetlana, “I cherished her at the time, and I was watching over her right up until December 2012, when the court forced me to permanently check myself into the orphanage.”

However, this was not the end of the difficulties she was experiencing.

Before she was eventually successful in meeting her current boyfriend Andrey online, she was forced to go through the traumatic experience of being raped. She credits him with allowing her to turn her life around after he assisted her in finding him.

Since then, Svetlana has begun a career in modeling, which is a path that many would consider unlikely.

With the help of social media, she has been steadily expanding the amount of her portfolio that is hosted online, and as a result, she has become something of a sensation on the internet, with over 16,000 people following her path.