People were perplexed after seeing the image of the child posing in a park with her hands in front of her waist. The girl’s legs appear exceptionally long and slender at first glance, yet this is an optical illusion.

Twitter users were perplexed by the photo, but upon closer study, they saw the youngster was carrying a bag of popcorn that matched the patchy grass she was standing on.

The photo has been shared over 250,000 times on Facebook, and over 37,000 people have commented on it, many of whom were perplexed as to what was going on. Please share this on Facebook so that all of your friends may see it. 

After witnessing the image illusion offered here, most people are perplexed by this puzzle. Some folks, though, were able to rapidly recognize the answer. Others, on the other hand, were unable to correctly predict and answer.

Because this Viral Optical Illusion is difficult to detect, we have included an image with the conventional answer. The girl is carrying a large bag of popcorn, which matches the dried-out grass behind her wonderfully.

Can you make it out? If you can’t, don’t worry; the solution image below will assist you. The girl is carrying a popcorn bag, which is ringed.

Do you see what I mean? Everything makes clear now. She was presumably with her family at some sort of fair or event with parking on the grass, and that grass, as well as the location of her lovely bag of popcorn, were in precisely the ideal place to blend in perfectly with the grass, giving the impression that she has very tiny legs.

She doesn’t appear to be happy. Maybe because they were on their way home and she wanted to ride the ferris wheel again? Either that, or her father made a pretty horrible Dad joke. Please share this on Facebook so that all of your friends may see it. Thanks.