Two firefighters from New Jersey, Tim Young and Paul Hullings, had breakfast in a coffee shop one morning. After a 12-hour day filled with activity, they were really exhausted.

The server who served them that day, Liz Woodward, overheard the two firemen discussing their exhausting day and made the decision to surprise them. Tim and Paul were speechless as they went to pay.

Instead of a bill, the two received a very unexpected note.

“The breakfast it’s on me today. Thank you for saving people who need help and for running to places where others are running to get out. ”

The two were overjoyed and praised the waitress for her thoughtful gesture. Tim posted this story on his Facebook page:

“Such a noble and distinct gesture. I recommend you go to Liz’s cafe and if she happens to serve you, leave her a big tip. ”

And this is not the end of the story. Steve, Liz’s father, was paralyzed and had been incapacitated for five years, according to the firefighters.

In the winter, Liz started a dedicated website to collect funds for a handicapped vehicle. Tim solicited contributions for Liz’s account from his Facebook pals.

She raised $ 70,000 in just a few days, significantly more than the $ 17,000 she needed.