According to Globe, Prince Charles and his first wife, Diana, were unaware of this daughter’s existence, but here’s how it happened.

After the engagement between Diana and Charles was announced, the Royal House of Great Britain wanted to make sure that from the marriage of the two there will be children, and that the future bride can conceive, which is why Diana was subjected to specialized controls in which doctors allegedly took eggs from him, which they then fertilized with sperm from Prince Charles.

One of the doctors stole a fertilized egg, implanted it in his own wife, and that’s how Sarah was born.

It seems that this information appeared in the press at the time when William, the eldest son of Prince Charles, was preparing to become a father for the second time, and this information would have caused intense agitation and concern at Buckingham Palace.

Considering that it was time to meet her alleged “sister”, Prince William would have intended to meet her during a visit to the United States a few months ago. Eventually, his wife, Catherine, would have gone to that meeting, who would have been impressed by the resemblance of the young Sarah with Lady Di.

Sarah is said to be the secret daughter of Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Great Britain, living in New York and strikingly resembling the so-called “Princess of Hearts”. We invite you to convince yourself of this: