Jennifer Aniston (50), a well-known actress and beautiful lady now, had a difficult upbringing with a mother who frequently scolded her and caused serious traumas. Despite her best efforts, Jennifer’s mother Nancy Dow, who is also an actor, struggled to raise a young child.

Jennifer Aniston has always been aware of the deteriorating marriage problems that ultimately resulted in her parent’s divorce. She stayed in her mother’s care, who constantly criticized her and pointed out all of her physical defects, including her eyes being too far apart, her nose is too big, and the few pounds she had acquired throughout puberty.

Additionally, Jennifer grew up thinking that she was “ugly” since she struggled in school and struggled to fit in with the group due to a lack of confidence. Even though she lived with an extremely beautiful mother, she couldn’t physically or mentally resemble her.

Jennifer was dependent on her mother’s unpredictable behavior because she didn’t have a close relationship with her father. When Jen reacted furiously to her mother’s comments one time, Nancy laughed in her face, teaching the young lady to be quiet and take criticism in silence.

Jennifer Aniston immediately realized that her reading condition, dyslexia, which hindered her from properly comprehending written information, was the cause of her academic problems. She realized she wasn’t as horrible as she had thought, and she started to wonder if her mother’s assessments of her were accurate.

After landing her first job in Hollywood, Jen started to feel more confident in herself, especially after getting a nose job. On the other hand, her mother wasn’t very happy. Hugely successful on “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston’s happiness was tarnished by interviews with her mother, who persisted in criticizing her in public. Jen vowed she would never talk to her mother again as she was crowded by her classmates, especially Courtney Cox. She skipped the wedding of Brad Pitt.

After years of therapy, the traumas eventually faded, and Jennifer now feels that, despite its challenges, growing up with her mother helped her become the resilient person she is today. “My mother spoke to me in this way because she loved me and wanted the best for me. She didn’t mean to be cruel; she just wasn’t aware that the suffering she was giving me would only end after years of therapy.”  Jennifer Aniston said that her upbringing is the reason she is the way she is.