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A name can say a lot about a person, and even though everyone is always told never to judge a book by its cover, many individuals find themselves judging potential partners by their names.

A name can say a lot about a person, and even though everyone is always told never to judge a book by its cover, many individuals find themselves judging potential partners by their names. Certain names just have sex appeal and roll off the tongue well, while other names seem suited to a different time, or are just jarring to say. As Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard stated, “we all react to names, whether we realize it or not, and it’s something we can’t turn off.” So, how do you really find out which names guys find sexiest? Well, just as The Grade.

The Grade is a dating app that is somewhat similar to Tinder in that you swipe to show interest in potential matches. It has a database of over 100,000 users, and they undertook a study to find the sexiest names for both men and women by calculating the percentage of individuals who swiped “yes” and the percentage who swiped “no” in response to certain names. You may think a name is the last thing someone would consider when choosing a potential partner, but according to Jennifer Moss, author of The One in a Million Baby Name Book, a survey that did showed that 68% of individuals agreed a name would affect whether they chose to date someone.

Here are the 15 sexiest names according to The Grade – although keep in mind that it’s an American website, so the names tend to skew towards more common American monikers.


The name Alison, and variations of it has been a popular and fairly common name for years, but when it comes to sexiest names, Aly rounds out the list at number 15. The only famous Aly we can really think of is gymnast Aly Raisman, but for whatever reason, guys are intrigued by this name – perhaps they hope that every Aly will actually be the petite, talented gymnast? Perhaps it makes guys think of the popular television show Ally McBeal if they were of a slightly older demographic? While different versions of the name, such as Allie, have a bit more of a feminine age, the spelling that made the list has a bit of a tomboy vibe. Perhaps the guys on The Grade are growing tired of high maintenance women and just want a chill girl who can hang – after all, the name Aly literally means “friend” or “partner.”


Okay, we’re going to go ahead and blame the world’s most well-known Taylor, Miss Taylor Swift, for this one. Nowadays, the name Taylor conjures up an image of a leggy, talented blonde who hangs around with supermodels 24/7, someone who has a dating roster filled with super sexy, successful gentlemen. The name itself is unisex, and has a fairly boring meaning – just literally a version of “tailor,” the occupation. However, according to numerology, Taylors are supposed to be fairly dominant individuals – they’re leaders, they’re determined to succeed, they have no problem putting themselves out there, and they’re just plain bold. Those looking for a strong, powerful woman would do well by finding themselves a Taylor. To borrow a lyric from one of the most famous Taylor’s songs, Taylors will just “never go out of style.” The only issue we can see here is if you’re a guy named Taylor, like when Swift was linked romantically with Hollywood hunk Taylor Lautner. Things might get a little weird in that case.


The meaning behind the name Lindsey is fairly unsexy – it’s basically just associated with geographic locations or elements. However, perhaps that means that Lindseys are nature lovers, women who have a case of wanderlust and would be more than down to pack up a duffel bag and go on an impromptu trip with you. The name itself is Scottish in origin, and originally was more commonly used as a male name, but nowadays it’s one of the most common female names out there. Pretty much everyone knows at least one Lindsey – or a Lindsey, or a Lyndsey, or a Lyndsay, and so on. Sure, Lindsay Lohan has given the name a bit of a rep, but not all Lindseys are hot messes – just think of super hot blonde bombshell skier Lindsey Vonn, or gorgeous red-headed musical superstar Lindsey Stirling. There are a lot of Lindseys in the world, and guys are apparently swiping right.


Okay, we’ve got to admit, the meaning behind Rebecca is kind of perfect when you consider the list. Rebecca has its origins in Hebrew, and various sources suggest it means something along the lines of “snare” or something being tied up. That’s right – guys are swiping right because they’re being literally ensnared by the potential of Rebecca’s charms. The name is fairly feminine, thanks to the ‘a’ ending, something that many men seem to like, and the possibility for adorable nicknames is endless – many Rebeccas go by Becky or some variation of that. And let’s not forget all the sexy Rebeccas out there – every guy swiping right may feel like he’s got a chance to snag his own blonde, leggy Rebecca Romijn. It seems to be a bit more popular in Britain, where there are tons of quasi-famous Rebeccas, but guys on the other side of the pond are definitely willing to take their shot at a Rebecca.


This name is fairly pedestrian in meaning – simply “crowned with laurels” or some variation thereof, but it has quite the history in romantic literature. Back in the 14th century, an Italian poet by the name of Petrarch apparently fell head over heels with a beautiful woman named Laura and addressed all his sonnets to her. No one ever found out exactly who his Laura was in real life, but the sonnets definitely created a bit of a link between the name Laura and the idea of a woman who was captivating and a little bit mysterious. And, again, the “a” ending has a feminine feel that guys seem to love – and there’s just a down to earth quality about the name. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there are quite a few absolute stunning Lauras out there, including Orange Is The New Black star Laura Prepon, Canadian cutie Laura Vandervoort, Nashville’s Laura Benanti, and many more.


When it comes to names of potential partners, guys seem to favor names that are cute and feminine rather than strong and regal. The name Katie is the perfect example of that. There are very few Katies who are actually just named Katie – most use Katie as a nickname for the longer version, Katherine or Catherine. It’s easy to see why many guys might prefer the latter – while Katherine seems like an elegant, classic name, there’s also a slight vibe of unattainability – like she might be a little bit too good for you, the average guy. A Katie, on the other hand, seems like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with. The name itself means something along the lines of “pure,” and it kind of makes sense – the name Katie conjures up images of a wholesome, all-American girl that you could easily see becoming your wife someday. Famous gorgeous Katies include, of course, Katie Holmes, as well as Scandal star Katie Lowe.


The name Molly initially seems like it might be a bit more old-fashioned, but apparently, guys go crazy for it. It again falls into the camp of fairly cute, feminine names – although, based on the name meaning, guys might be subconsciously hoping that Molly has a bit of a wild side, as the name means “bitter” and “rebellion.” Sort of a strange mix between a sweet-as-pie, all-American, dimple-cheeked girl and a straight up bad girl. Plus, with all the slang usage of “molly” as a certain drug, perhaps guys think that the name has a bit of an edge, a bit of an element of danger that they find intriguing. It doesn’t seem like quite as popular a name nowadays as it likely was in the 80s when Molly Ringwald was a big star on the scene, but there are still several gorgeous Mollys, including model Molly Sims and actress Molly Quinn.


The name Jenna has a lot of feminine connotations – it’s thought to be a short form of the name Jennifer, which in turn is a derivation of the name Guinevere, which comes from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, which means fair, blessed, smooth, and soft. However, many of the Jennas in popular culture fall more towards the sexy side of the spectrum than the name Guinevere might suggest, so we can see why guys might swipe yes. First of all, there’s the notorious porn star Jenna Jamieson. And then, there’s the loud, outgoing, over-the-top YouTube personality Jenna Marbles. There’s Channing Tatum’s super hot dancer/actress wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who seems to only get more attractive as she gets older. And then, if you’re a reality television junkie, there’s Survivor babe Jenna Morasca. Finally, there’s the amazing actress Jenna Fischer, who played Pam on The Office. And that’s not even all the Jennas in the entertainment industry!


The name Natalie comes from the Latin name Natalia, which in turn means “Christmas day” – but it’s not just Christmas fans who seem to be digging this name. In the USA, the name Natalie – and its many variations – peaked in popularity in about the mid-2000s, so it’s a name that you’re likely to run into a lot. I mean, just consider the wide range of famous Natalies out there. First of all, for the guys who adore brainy girls, there’s the super intelligent, super gorgeous actress Natalie Portman – although she’s taken. For the men who love athletic women who can keep up with them in the weight room, there’s wrestler Natalya – also known as Natalie Neidhart. And finally, for the guys who dig alternative chicks who may or may not show up to a date with one side of their head shaved, there’s Game of Thrones mega babe Natalie Dormer.


The name April commonly has two meanings – the very predictable “born in April,” and the slightly more poetic “opening buds of spring.” Quite frankly, we’re a little bit surprised that the name April made it nearly into the top 5 of the sexiest names according to The Grade. While it may have been popular back when there were many Mays and Junes around, and while January Jones has certainly made monthly names seem sexy, there just aren’t that many gorgeous Aprils out there. There’s British actress April Pearson, and blonde bombshell April Bowlby, but it’s just not a very common name. Perhaps that’s just it – while most guys have met countless Stacys and Ashleys, April seems a little bit out of the ordinary, so perhaps that’s what’s catching their eye when it comes to checking through an app for a potential partner. Plus, again, all the spring-like connections associate it with femininity, which guys seem to love.


Vanessa comes from the Greek meaning “butterfly,” and is also considered to be a version of the name Phanessa, a mystic goddess of an ancient Greek brotherhood. With that kind of an exotic meaning, we can see why so many guys seem to dig Vanessas. The name is somewhat common, but it’s the perfect captivating mix between feminine (again, that “a” ending that drives guys crazy) and exotic. And there are plenty of gorgeous Vanessas out there. For those looking for musical talent, there’s Vanessa Carlton and Vanessa Hudgens. For the actress-lovers, there’s Vanessa Marano and Vanessa Morgan. For those looking for a girl who makes them bust a gut laughing, there’s SNL cutie Vanessa Bayer. I mean, the list is truly endless – and the Vanessas out there seem to be so diverse that it’s no wonder guys are intrigued when they come across the number five sexiest name in their app.


There’s something about the name Brooke that just seems to channel a blonde, gorgeous, California girl vibe. Brooke seems like the kind of girl who always looks flawless, even when she’s still got damp beachy waves and is rocking no makeup. Name-wise, the meaning takes things back to nature, as the name Brooke means “lives by the stream” or something along those lines. A lot of the famous, beautiful Brookes in the entertainment industry are slightly older, such as Brooke Shields and Brooke Burke, but hey – The Grade doesn’t necessarily mention what age group these names are popular in. Perhaps it’s younger guys who remember totally lusting after the sexy Brookes when they were younger. Perhaps it’s older guys who remember Brooke as being the name of all the hot young things on the scenes. There are a lot of Brookes currently rising on the scene, so perhaps it’s going to be the next hot name in Hollywood as well as on The Grade.


When it comes to the names they find sexiest, guys seem to have a thing for female names that are shortened versions of more classic names. First, there was Katie, and now, coming up third in the ranks, Lexi. While Lexi (or Lexie) can be a full name, the majority of Lexis just use the moniker as a shortened version of Alexis, Alexandra, Alexia, etc. And, I mean, we’re not surprised it made it onto the sexiest names list based on alliteration alone. Sexy Lexi? It just works. It definitely seems to be a name favored by younger starlets, such as actress Lexi Johnson, golfer Lexi Thompson, or actress Lexi Ainsworth, but apparently the lack of A-list, sexy Lexis in Hollywood isn’t stopping guys from swiping yes when they come across a Lexi. It’s short, it’s cute, it’s fun, it’s got a vowel at the end – it’s got everything that guys seem to like.


Many cultures lay claim to the name Erika, and most see it as a female version of the common male name Erik/Eric. While Erica with a “c” is a fairly common spelling of the name, Erika has a little bit of a Norse vibe – which isn’t surprising, given that many consider it a Norse name meaning “kingly” or “eternal ruler.” Basically, the name Erika is all about power. Erika Christensen is the most well-known famous Erika out there, but it seems to be quite popular with the under 18 crowd, so we have a feeling that there will be a lot of young starlets named Erika within the next decade or so. Either way, it’s easy to understand why the name comes in second in the list of sexiest names on The Grade. The feminine ending softens it a little bit, while the hard consonant and the connection to the Norse world give it a certain kind of steely strength. Strong and sexy – that’s the kind of girl that guys swipe yes for.


The name Brianna is Celtic, and means “strong,” and we’ve got to say – we’re kind of surprised it snagged the number one spot over more overtly sexy names, the ones favored by Italian and Spanish supermodels. After all, the male version of this name, Brian, isn’t exactly a name you’d associate with sexiness. To top it all off, there really aren’t very many famous Briannas bringing the name to the masses – there are quite a few social media stars that claim the name, but not many A-Listers. There’s Brianna Chomer, but her list of credits as an actress is both short and fairly unremarkable. Whatever the reason, guys seem to find the name Brianna incredibly sexy. Perhaps it’s the femininity of all the vowels and the double letters. Perhaps it’s because it rolls off the tongue rather easily. Let’s just say that if you’re a Brianna, and you’re single, you’d better sign up on The Grade – chances are you’d have a huge pool of suitors to choose from.


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