“I never passed judgment on anyone else doing it; it wasn’t like it was a moral issue.” Parker admitted to being naked on television, “I felt shy.”

Going nude wasn’t one of the many things Sarah Jessica Parker did in Sex and the City.

The 58-year-old actress confessed that she initially had hesitations about signing up for the HBO series out of concern that she would have to bare it all on camera during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show on Thursday.

The script, according to Parker, “was really intriguing, exciting, unique, and fresh, and I’d never seen anything like that. I confided in him that my only worry was that I didn’t feel comfortable performing in nudity and that if it wasn’t in the pilot, it would likely be a part of a series.”

The actress claimed that the show’s creator, Darren Star, helped ease some of her concerns about stripping off. She remembered, “He said, ‘Don’t do it then,’” You are not required to; other actors will participate if they feel comfortable doing so.

“I don’t think I just never felt comfortable exposing myself that way,” Parker admitted. “I never passed judgment on anyone else doing it; it wasn’t like it was a moral issue. I was shy.”

The And Just Like That actress said she wanted to be deliberate with how they used their lack of censorship because she was aware that she was on a network that permitted coarser language and subject matter.

“We were on HBO, and I knew that meant we could say anything we wanted, and we could be loose, and liberal, and salty, and ribald,” she said. However, I also believed that it implied that we should exercise restraint and refrain from using words simply because we could.

She continued by saying that she wanted to convey the actual nature of her character. “And Carrie Bradshaw’s a writer and she’s, really, really thoughtful about what she says, how she says it, when she says it, who’s she saying it to, and if we want to use language, let’s be thoughtful about when she uses it, we can be smart about it,” she said.

Parker may have been reluctant to go nude in Sex and the City, but Cynthia Nixon, who played Parker’s co-star in the revived series And Just Like That, admitted that she was not.

The 57-year-old actress walks topless in a pool in the SATC revival’s debut episode, and she subsequently ups the ante by trying on a strap-on that she claims isn’t “a beginner model” before making jokes about her oral sex prowess.

When it came to appearing nude, Nixon told Entertainment Tonight, “I feel like I was always fair game for it.” “Sex is just one of the main subjects of the show — people having it, and having great sex and terrible sex and hilarious sex.”