Seven months after undergoing a vasectomy at a Florida clinic, Tim Brummel and his wife Rachel were shocked to learn they were expecting a baby boy.

Tim claims he started to worry that the procedure “failed” when Rachel recently developed extreme fatigue and shown “signs of being pregnant.”

His concerns were confirmed when he called the doctor: the vasectomy had failed and the clinic had never informed him of the results of his follow-up exams.

Tim stated, asking that the name of the clinic be withheld, “We’re not upset at all; we’d wanted to extend our family through adoption anyway. Not informing us is unprofessional, but those [procedures] aren’t flawless, so I don’t blame them for failing,” the speaker said.

The clinic claimed patient privacy laws as the reason it would not give a statement.

Tim claims that after the procedure in December, he went back five months later for a routine checkup to make sure “there were no more swimmers still swimming around!”

Tim continues, “I never received my results back, so I believed no news was good news.  But when Rachel started to exhibit pregnancy symptoms in July, I got in touch with the clinic, who told me that one side of the vas deferens (or ductus deferens) had been unsuccessfully clipped.”

The Cleveland Clinic advises a follow-up semen exam 3 to 4 months following surgery since sperm can remain in the body for weeks.

Tim, 25, held off telling his wife about the unsuccessful operation until he could be certain she was pregnant.

How many men get the chance to tell their wife that they are having a baby? Brother of Rachel, Tim, age 26, continues, “I wanted to surprise her!”

Tim then recorded the beautiful moment he revealed her pregnancy to his wife and his three young sons.

She is “so, very excited,” he says. “This baby was meant to be on this world!”

The couple originally intended to get a vasectomy in order to adopt children; they currently reside in Canton, Georgia.

Tim clarifies, “But I think it’s a God thing. We had four or five children in mind when we planned to adopt, but God had other plans! The ideas we had and the ideas God had were not the same. And, truthfully, we might still adopt.”

The upcoming child, who is due on March 4, is viewed as a “full blessing” by the family.

He continues, “And we are beyond happy. It’s amusing how life occasionally turns out that way.”