This world has become cruel, especially for people with disabilities who struggle to adhere to societal norms. These people want to live among the stars and be welcomed, but they are constantly met with nasty looks and words.

Rustam is a young boy born with congenital abnormalities that his parents failed to treat. He was placed for adoption, but as we all know, not many parents are willing to welcome children like him into their homes and hearts.

Fortunately, Rustam was discovered by Nika Zlobina, who was completing adoption paperwork when she came across his image and biography. She then set out to find a loving home for Rustam, but she adopted him along the road.

“I was preparing paperwork for an adoption, and there was a database with photos of youngsters,” Nika revealed.

This woman’s first move to support this wonderful boy was to create an Instagram account to showcase all children looking for families, including him.

She also shared a video of Rustam dancing, which went viral. Although many people had positive things to say about Rustam, a few were critical. “Some claim that this ‘freak’ will never be adopted. “I was scared by how many people left critical comments; many of them were young women with children,” Nika explained.

Nika’s primary aim was to dispel the myth that adopting a disabled child is not the best option. Nika hoped that by detailing Rustam’s daily activities, his countless grins, and how he appeared pleased when he was with the right people, people would recognize the importance of caring for these children.

“Everyone generally wants blond gorgeous infants to adopt, and there’s a lengthy wait for such children; in the meantime, others suffer without parents,” Nika wrote.

Nika then decided to adopt Rustam herself. She and her husband were ecstatic to have this gorgeous kid as a son since he oozed joy everywhere he went.

According to Nika, this adoption inspired others to consider adopting a child in this manner.

“One mother responded that she was hesitant to go out with her Down’s Syndrome daughter, but that my posts gave her courage, and she now does not hesitate to go for walks with her daughter,” Nika wrote.

Of course, there will always be comments and stares from outsiders, but Nika and her husband go out of their way to protect their son and promote the message that being unusual is not bad. In reality, it is the diversity that keeps the world turning.

Rustam is now nine years old and living the best life he can.

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