Sandra Bullock does not attend many events; her most recent red carpet appearance was in March 2022 for her picture The Lost City.

The 58-year-old Oscar winner prefers to spend her time at home with her two children.

However, The Heat actress was spotted at a star-studded pre-Oscars celebration at the Sunset Tower hotel in West Hollywood.

The brunette bombshell showed off her cleavage in a barely-closed top with a jacket.

The celebrity was seen conversing with Demi Moore, Brendan Fraser, and CAA agent Kevin Huvane, who represents Jennifer Lopez.

On March 10, they were all at the CAA Pre-Oscar Party at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

This follows reports that she may re-team with Brad Pitt.

Pitt stated in September that he and Sandra came up with an idea for a film that never saw the light of day.

The Hollywood couple, who have acted in The Lost City and Bullet Train, had another film in mind in which they would portray squabbling QVC salespeople who bicker on air throughout their divorce.

The Fight Club star was requested to divulge his beauty secrets with British Vogue but declined, but the journalist inquired as to how his regimen has changed over the years without being ‘too QVC’.

‘I wouldn’t know how to accomplish that unless it was a comedy,’ he remarked.

‘Actually, Sandy [Sandra Bullock] and I did once try to construct a whole idea of a husband and wife team, who were QVC’s most successful salespeople, but we’re getting divorced, we hate each other, and we’re taking it out on air while we sell stuff,’ Brad, 58, remarked. “That was all we got.”

Brad has stated that he would like to continue working with his ‘old friend’ Sandra.

‘Her timing was excellent, and she was an excellent person to have in my ear in a scenario like this, which is actually quite intimate. It really worked out so perfectly that she had her film and I got to do a tiny bit of hers. I believe we will continue to do so.’

Meanwhile, Moore stated that she is so proud of her life right now.

The 60-year-old actress previously married late musician Freddy Moore, then to fellow Hollywood star Bruce Willis and has Rumer, 34, Scout 31, and Tallulah, 29, with him and later went on to marry Ashton Kutcher but has been single for the majority of the time since their split in 2013 and a source has claimed that she is ‘so grateful’ for the support network she has around her.

‘To hear that in respect to yourself sounds out of place.

‘I’m flattered and a little surprised since it doesn’t feel like me, but I enjoy it. To me, an icon has always represented someone who has blazed the way and left a stamp on anything that has moved others or had a beneficial impact. And in that aspect, I am quite delighted to be placed in a category that is related to that.’

In the run-up to her 40th birthday late last year, the ‘Ghost’ actress claimed that she would not be defined by a number and would instead use her life experience to define herself, reflecting on being dubbed an ‘icon’ for achieving 40 years in showbiz.

‘Not being characterized by a number, but rather by my experience,’ she explained. “You turn 59 and say to yourself, ‘Well, I’m going to be 60.’ It’s quite liberating. When I think about my grandmother at 60, she seems to be resigned to being old. But, in many respects, I feel more alive and present than ever!”