Sam Elliott, the Hollywood hottie, has a lot of female fans all over the world. His attention, however, is exclusively on Katharine Ross, his thirty-year wife.

They first met at Ross, who had a key role in the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. As a result, according to Elliott, “I was just a shadow on the wall, a glorified extra in a pub scene.”

Elliot immediately fell in love with Ross, but he was scared to reveal his feelings to Ross. Ross, a Hollywood actor, described himself as a “glorified extra.” “I never spoke to Katharine,” he recalls. “All I could do was stand there and watch her come and go. I would never think of approaching her.”

Naturally, Ross swooped in right away to claim Elliott. But he persisted and patiently waited for the proper moment.

He was too terrified to approach her until they met again on the set of The Legacy in 1978.

They bonded immediately after the meeting, and six years later they married. Ross had been married four times before, but this was Elliott’s first.

Ross certainly shouldn’t have been so optimistic about her fifth marriage given her history of unsuccessful marriages, but three decades later, she is certain she made the correct decision.

The couple is fantastic at supporting one another’s professional objectives. Elliott almost missed his breakthrough part in the 1985 picture Mask as Cher’s biker boyfriend because he and Ross were on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

After Elliott informed his agent that he would not be returning early for the audition, Ross contacted the agency again later that evening to reassure her that her husband would be on time.

Cleo Rose, the couple’s adult daughter, was born. After enrolling in the Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio to learn how to sing professionally, she gained some renown as a musician.

Sam and Kate’s unwavering love and labor of love enable them to stay together day after day.

“We strive to work as a team, but we also use common sense. You don’t simply ignore the s-t; you work around it.” Elliott stated that this is how relationships last.

So simple, yet so accurate. Elliott would like to relocate the two to “La La Land” in the future. The couple currently splits their time between Oregon and California.

Even better, Elliott and Ross were able to realize a long-held ambition by co-starring as husband and wife. They were successful in doing so twice in The Hero and Love Letters, the latter of which Elliott considers to be a career high point.

Then, how can Elliott explain the couple’s extraordinary success?

“Through mutual love and respect,” he says, adding that Ross is “a pretty stable girl who has been around the block.”

In the end, perseverance is the key to success: “There are peaks and valleys like everything else, but you have to push on.”

These two well-known performers will almost certainly participate in additional projects together in the future.

Such lovely love story that should serve as an example to other married couples. Couples who have worked together to keep their marriages strong can teach us a lot.