Christie Brinkley is a proud mother who constantly encourages her 24-year-old daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook. Sailor is following in her mother’s footsteps as a model, and Brinkley has kindly given her daughter advice as she begins her career.

There is one piece of Brinkley’s advice that Sailor holds in high regard. It’s important to emphasize that this advice isn’t exclusive to modeling; it’s not about finding the perfect stance or promoting a solid portfolio.

It’s mostly about human decency, a worthwhile subject to be taught by the woman Sailor refers to as “a tremendous inspiration.”

Christie Brinkley offers thoughtful advice.

“I think the most important advice mom offered me was to be as kind as humanly possible to everyone I’m working with,” Sailor explained. “And I try and stay firm on it, even if I’m in a foul mood.” Similarly, Brinkley counseled Sailor to be “as gracious as you possibly can.”

Sailor has heeded that advice. “I try to introduce myself to everyone in the room,” adds Sailor. “I also make an effort to acknowledge everyone in the room. “

Brinkley also advises treating oneself with care and respect.

To be sure, Brinkley has provided Sailor advice on how to grow her portfolio. “We’re both always connected to what we do,” Sailor says. “That’s something I’m very proud of, and I try not to do things, just to do things.”

The passion must be present. As a result, Sailor has become one of the faces of Silk Nextmilk’s new campaign, which urges a new generation of plant-based beverage lovers to prefer Silk Nextmilk.

Yet, Brinkley has also taught Sailor the lessons necessary to ensure that every time she begins a new project, she considers everyone’s comfort and pleasure.

Sailor aspires to “keep a reputation where people feel secure, comfortable, loved, happy, and valued around me.” That sounds like excellent advise for everyone!