“Watching her little struggle leads me to tears as I have never cried, but witnessing her courage has given me so many strong smiles,” Honey’s mother, Sadie Robertson, says.

Sadie Robertson is open about some difficult times she had with her daughter.

In a candid Instagram post on Friday, the 24-year-old Duck Dynasty alum revealed that her 4-month-old baby Honey James is sick with a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and appears to be in the hospital.

“So many around the world are going through this,” the new mother captions a photo of herself holding her infant daughter in a hospital bed. “I wanted to tell my followers about my experience.”

“The last few days have been extremely trying. One of the most heartbreaking experiences is watching your child suffer from illness. While seeing her resilience made me smile as I’d never smiled before, seeing her struggle brought me to tears as I’d never been in tears before.”

She writes about her daughter, whom she shares with her husband, Christian Huff. “I have an undeniable crush on this girl. Her courageous and kind fighter attitude makes us laugh even when we want to cry.”

“A dark room has been made brighter by the nurse’s and physicians’ love for her and their amusement at her foolishness despite her illness. “Although unfortunately, it is not yet completed, we have hope for the days ahead,” she continues. “I understand all the grieving parents as they watch their child suffer from illness.”

“I’m so thankful for our friends and family believing this with us,” she continues, adding, “RSV, you stink.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, RSV is a common respiratory virus that frequently causes symptoms similar to a cold. Almost all children have had an RSV infection by the age of two. Infants are especially vulnerable to the virus.

Many of Robertson’s mommy friends commented on the post with prayers and encouragement.

“What a poor little child! We will be praying for you and your entire family!” “Sick babies crush my heart,” Witney Carson said, and Lauren Bushnell Lane added, “Sending so many prayers your way.”

“Oh, Sadie,” I say. “I have no idea how difficult this has been for you. I’m sending you and Honey my prayers,” said Lindsay Arnold.

Earlier this week, Robertson and another new mother, Bindi Irwin, held a wide-ranging conversation on Facebook Live Audio about the most important lessons they’ve learned from being parents.

“With a baby,” “everything clicks into place,” and “the amount of love you may have in your heart is beyond explanation,” Irwin said. It’s almost as if your heart expands to accommodate this much love.”

“It’s such selfless love,” Robertson went on. “With your child, it’s as if they’re everything to you even though they can’t help you. You can’t give me anything, but you’ve already given me everything by being who you are. That, in and of itself, is, in my opinion, a new kind of love because it has nothing to do with what they can or cannot accomplish; it’s simply about who they are.”

“You simply love who they are, and you’re so proud of who they are,” she reflected.