People who are getting older naturally have awkward conversations about what will happen once they die. Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty star, is no exception.

It may be tough to believe, but Phil Robertson is 75 years old. The reality television personality has come a long way since his birth in 1946. His upbringing was terrible because they lacked a bathtub, toilet, and electricity. However, Robertson has seen the beginning of television and the technological age. And he has made a decent income at it.

Even the best of us are conscious of our position in the queue. Phil Robertson may still have a long life ahead of him. However, he continues to discuss what to do with his body following his inescapable death. Robertson didn’t shy away from the matter. On the contrary, he discussed it publicly in his most recent Unashamed podcast episode.

“Yes, Jase, take me when I die,” Robertson says to his son, who is also listening to the broadcast. “Please take me to a local embalmer after I die.”

“Would you prefer that we disperse your ashes?” Jase inquires.

“Keep the show simple,” says the Duck Dynasty star. Just highlight the departure.

That gave Jase a fraction of the solution he was looking for. “We’re getting a little morbid around here,” his father responded.

The minds of 75-year-old Phil Robertson and 55-year-old Phil Robertson are substantially different. A standard coffin and gravestone will not suffice for the die-hard outdoorsman. His son Jase revealed on the most recent episode of Unashamed that if his father had died 20 years earlier, he would have had a different wish for his family.

“Well, he has progressed greatly in his religion,” Jase observes.

Because during a talk we had around 20 years ago, Dad remarked, “Look, don’t bury me in a cemetery. Create a box. Make it, not buy it, he urged. “Put me in it,” he said. “Then simply dump me on the nearest curb or whatever.” “Phil, I believe that is illegal,” I said.