It’s never a pleasant day when you learn that your favorite musician will never produce new music again or that your famous actor will never appear in any future TV episodes or films.

Of all, more often than not, only death brings an end to the careers of our most beloved celebrities. Many performers continue to create work well into their retirement years, and their techniques adapt and change to match their senior years.

Russell Crowe, though, is one Hollywood heavyweight we may never get to see grow old on screen, with the Gladiator star stating he is debating whether or not to call it quits before his 60th birthday.

Crowe has been a film industry titan for nearly three decades, but his recent remarks at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival have alarmed even his most ardent followers.

The legendary actor, who will turn 60 next year, has openly discussed early retirement from the film industry, arguing that falling into oblivion might offer him a better existence.

Crowe told Variety on growing older, “You stand in front of the mirror and go, ‘Who the f— is that?’ I am currently in that phase.”

“As a role model, I will look to Ridley Scott, who constantly discovers new things in his work. Or I’ll stop talking to you, and you’ll never hear from me again. I haven’t determined what it will be. These are two very viable options.”

Ridley Scott, with whom Crowe memorably collaborated on the iconic Gladiator in 2000, is 85. According to his IMDb page, he has up to 20 planned projects.

Crowe, meanwhile, has eight films in the works, according to Fox News. If this is correct, it may be some time before fans grieve his departure from the entertainment sector.

I’m not sure about you, but I will miss Russell Crowe when he retires from acting.

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